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726V 28 UpVHS1984
1743V 35 Up, Thirty Five UpVHS1991
4156V 42 Up, Forty-Two UpVHS1998
DVD3317 49 UpDVD2005
DVD3318 56 UpDVD2012
3305V Ad and the Ego, TheVHS1996
DVD946 Aging Successfully: Psychological Aspects of Growing OldDVD
1609V Alzheimer's Disease: A Wilderness ExploredVHS1994
4078V Alzheimer's Mystery, TheVHS1999
765V Among EqualsVHS1991
4868V Anger ManagementVHS2001
DVD3541 Animated MindsDVD2009
DVD1028 Art and Science of Love: A Workshop for Couples, TheDVD
872V As I Am: Portraits of Persons with a Developmental HandicapVHS1990
3545V AttachmentVHS1994
1607V Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, What Do We Know?VHS1992
1606V Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD In AdultsVHS1994
3053V Back Wards to Back Streets, Deinstitution of Mental PatientsVHS1980
DVD1096 Beating DepressionDVD2004
DVD2794 Betty Tells Her StoryDVD1972
4430V Child that You Do Have, Child that You Do Have: A New Approach to AutismVHS1994
137V Child's Play and the Real WorldVHS1974
5185V Child-Centered Play Therapy, Child Centered Play TherapyVHS1997
392V Childhood and AdolescenceVHS1990
3974V Children Are Watching, TheVHS1999
138V Children's Agression: Its Origin and ControlVHS1974
DVD2549 Classic Piaget CollectionDVD1968
4077V Classical and Operant ConditioningVHS1996
1804V Client Centered TherapyVHS
4184V Clinical Application of ForgivenessVHS1996
1802V Cognitive Affective Behavior TherapyVHS1994
1806V Cognitive Behavior TherapyVHS1994
DVD1035 Cognitive DevelopmentDVD1995
3445V Cognitive-Behavioral AssessmentVHS1996
1325V Communications StancesVHS1992
1792V Complaints of a Dutiful DaughterVHS1994
1935V ConsciousnessVHS1995
1732V Consuming ImagesVHS1989
4732V Counseling Children: A Microskills ApproachVHS1999
1678V Couple in a Cage: A Guatinaui OdysseyVHS1993
DVD3204 Couple in the Cage, The, Couple in the cage, The: A Guatinaui OdysseyDVD1993
DVD1986 Debate Between Albert Ellis and Thomas SzaszDVD
5320v Demonic Ape, TheVHS2004
75V DepressionVHS1988
3714V Depression in Older AdultsVHS1997
DVD1097 Depression: A Backpack Full of BricksDVD
219V Designing the Physical Environment for Persons with DementiaVHS1987
76V DevelopmentVHS1988
5186V Developmental Play Therapy: A Clinical SessionVHS1997
2341V Dialogues with MadwomenVHS1993
2403V Divided MemoriesVHS1995
3699V Doing Time, Doing VipassanaVHS1997
1323V Dynamics of a Parts PartyVHS1992
393V Early AdulthoodVHS1990
213V Early Misgivings: A Film on Child AbuseVHS1983
142V Ego Development: The Core of a Healthy PersonalityVHS1974
2931V Emotional IntelligenceVHS1996
851V Encounters with GriefVHS1992
DVD2551 Erik H. Erickson: A Life's WorkDVD1991
1794V Erik H. Erikson: A Life's WorkVHS1992
1803V Ethnocultural PsychotherapyVHS1994
3599V Everybody Rides the CaroselVHS1975
DVD3489 Exploring Human NatureDVD2013
DVD1890 Faces of the EnemyDVD1987
1598V Facing EvilVHS1988
488V Family at the Point of GrowthVHS1983
215V Family in Grief: The Ameche StoryVHS1987
4494V Family Secrets: Implications for Theory and TherapyVHS1994
1807V Family Systems PerspectiveVHS1994
211V Family Systems Therapy with an Individual, Conducting the First Two SessionsVHS1989
3307V Family Violence: Breaking the ChainVHS1993
4833V First KillVHS2001
4839V FLOW: Psychology, Creativity and Optimal ExperienceVHS2003
212V Four Lives: A Portrait of Manic DepressionVHS1987
570V Freud TodayVHS
810V Gender and RelationshipsVHS1990
575V Glenn's Perspective on GraceVHS1990
760V Great ExpectationsVHS1991
2849V Grief in AmericaVHS1997
4185V Group Procedures, Trigger Vignettes for Gerontological PreparationVHS1990
4160V Group Therapy: Ending Fear, Embracing HopeVHS1993
420V Harry, Behavioral Treatment of Self AbuseVHS1980
766V House of TomorrowVHS1991
2930V How are Kids Smart?VHS1995
3340V Human Body, TheVHS1998
DVD2515 Human Body, TheDVD1998
139V In the BeginningVHS1978
763V In the Land of the GiantsVHS1991
391V Infancy and Early ChildhoodVHS1990
5028V Inside the Head: New Dimensions in Brain ResearchVHS2003
1000V Intellect, Personality and Mental HealthVHS1993
218V Into MadnessVHS1989
3372V Invisible Persuaders: The Battle For Your MindVHS1994
DVD1034 Invisible Wall, Autism, TheDVD2001
DVD1400 John Bowlby: Attachment Theory Across GenerationsDVD
DVD2655 Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious IDVD2002
5275V Journey Into SelfVHS1968
176V Konrad Korenz: Science of BehaviorVHS1975
DVD2933 Language & MindDVD
2866V Language and MindVHS1997
2867V Language and MindVHS1997
2811V Last One Picked, First One Picked On, Last One Picked--First One Picked OnVHS1994
395V Late AdulthoodVHS1990
4712V Laughing Club of IndiaVHS2000
999V Learning, Memory and Speed of BehaviorVHS1993
764V Life's LessonsVHS1991
5100V Listening to ChildrenVHS1995
761V Louder than WordsVHS1991
762V Love's LaborsVHS1991
DVD1534 Made Over In AmericaDVD2007
4540V Managing the Defiant ChildVHS1997
DVD714 Mary Ainsworth, Attachment and the Growth of LoveDVD2005
2828V Means of GraceVHS1996
4969V Medicating KidsVHS2001
3789V Mental Illness in the FamilyVHS1997
2662V MI: Intelligence, Understanding and the MindVHS1996
394V Middle AdulthoodVHS1990
3796V Middle Childhood: Physical Growth and DevelopmentVHS1997
104V Mind of a MurdererVHS1984
DVD1876 Mind, TheDVD1997
DVD2095 Minds on CampusDVD2007
2088V Morality: The Process of Moral DevelopmentVHS1977
3111V Mother LoveVHS1960
1805V Multimodal TherapyVHS1994
2932V Multiple IntelligencesVHS1997
3788V My Sister is Mentally IllVHS1997
1933V Nature of Human NatureVHS1995
140V NurturingVHS1978
5191V ObservationVHS1993
486V Of Rocks and Flowers: Dealing with the Abuse of ChildrenVHS1983
1859V On Old Age: A Conversation with Joan Erikson at 90VHS1993
1860V On Old Age: A Conversation with Joan Erikson at 92VHS1995
4761V Other Side of Blue: The Truth About Teenage DepressionVHS2000
DVD2816 Out of the ShadowDVD2006
77V Pain and HealingVHS1988
1922V Patricia Smith Churchland, How the Human Mind WorksVHS1988
4079V Perception: The TheoriesVHS1999
549V Phobias and Panic Disorder, Phobias and Panic DisordersVHS1986
4678V Physical Causes of Mental IllnessVHS
144V Piaget's Development Theory, Growth of Intelligence in Preschool YearsVHS1972
143V Piaget's Development Theory: An OverviewVHS1989
4585V Piaget's Developmental Theory: ClassificationVHS1967
3050V Piaget's Developmental Theory: ConservationVHS1968
2155V Piaget's Developmental Theory: Formal Reasoning PatternsVHS1976
DVD2550 Piaget's Developmental Theory: An OverviewDVD1989
5190V PlayVHS1993
DVD2909 Play, Play: A Vygotskian ApproachDVD1996
2757V Play: A Vygotskian ApproachVHS1996
DVD2379 Portraits in Sexual Dysfunction and TherapyDVD
DVD2967 Poster GirlDVD2010
3291V Practice of MeditationVHS1988
3795V Preschoolers: Physical and Cognitive DevelopmentVHS1994
DVD1095 Prescribing BeautyDVD2005
1810V Prescriptive Eclectic TherapyVHS1994
1811V Process Experiential PsychotherapyVHS1994
1321V Process of Change, TheVHS1992
5014V Prozac on TrialVHS2001
3371V Psycho-Sell: Advertising and Persuasion, Psycho SellVHS1991
1808V Psychoanalytic Therapy of SchizophreniaVHS1994
4493V Psychological Residuals of SlaveryVHS1995
DVD1416 Psychology of AddictionDVD1998
550V Psychosomatic DisordersVHS1978
2633V Quiet One, TheVHS1948
DVD696 Quiet RageDVD1987
131V Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison StudyVHS1989
1608V Raising a Child with Autism and Attention Deficit DisorderVHS1992
DVD3849 Raising Adam LanzaDVD2013
3990V Reading FilmVHS1992
3790V Recovering from Mental IllnessVHS1997
5192V Relationship Play TherapyVHS1997
DVD2919 Secret of the Wild ChildDVD1994
3233V Secret Shame: Bullied to DeathVHS1996
1322V Seed Model, TheVHS1992
DVD2229 Sequence of Interventions, Sequence of Interventions: Use of Emotional CommunicationDVD1979
4498V She's Leaving MeVHS1996
852V Shelter StoriesVHS1990
1801V Short Term Dynamic TherapyVHS1994
4721V Significant Event Childhood TraumaVHS2002
1934V Social Brain, TheVHS1995
1715V Social PsychologyVHS1990
487V Step Along the Way: A Family with a Drug ProblemVHS1983
2211V Step on a CrackVHS1996
907V Stories of ChangeVHS1991
4165V Structural Therapy with Dr. Harry LaponteVHS1998
1326V Survival CopingsVHS1992
920V Survivors: Forty Years after HiroshimaVHS1989
3594V Tactics of InnovationVHS1998
1737V Teach the ChildrenVHS1992
3735V Techniques of Play TherapyVHS1994
1324V Temperature ReadingVHS1992
803V Thanh's WarVHS1990
848V There Was A Child: A Documentary about Pregnancy LossVHS1991
DVD3605 This Emotional LifeDVD2010
1349V Three Approaches to Psychotherapy IVHS1965
1352V Three Approaches to Psychotherapy IIVHS1977
1354V Three Approaches to Psychotherapy IIIVHS1986
3852V Titicut FolliesVHS1967
4501V Treating Borderline Personality DisorderVHS1995
4502V Treating Time EffectivelyVHS1994
1735V Truth About Lies, TheVHS1989
DVD3834 Truth About Personality, TheDVD2013
5107V Twitch and ShoutVHS1994
4500V Understanding Borderline Personality DisorderVHS1995
3996V Understanding by Design: What is Understanding?VHS1998
4437V Understanding FamiliesVHS1996
274V Understanding Group Psychotheraphy, Outpatient Group or Yalom TapesVHS1990
276V Understanding Group Psychotherapy, Inpatient Group or Yalom TapesVHS1990
278V Understanding Group Psychotherapy, Interview with Irvin D. Yalom or Yalom TapesVHS1990
5350V Understanding Psychological DisordersVHS
808V Understanding Psychological TraumaVHS1989
4491V Understanding the Defiant ChildVHS1997
DVD517 Up SeriesDVD
80V Violent MindVHS1988
485V Virginia Satir Talks About the Essence of Change, Essence of ChangeVHS
4640V Visual Thinking of a Person with AutismVHS1998
1793V Vygotsky's Developmental Theory: An IntroductionVHS1994
1102V Walking the Life JourneyVHS1987
DVD1849 War DanceDVD2006
425V What About Me?, Brothers and Sisters of Children with DisabilitiesVHS1989
DVD3635 What Parents Need to Know From Kids About DivorceDVD2010
267V When Children Are WitnessesVHS1989
1784V When the Bough BreaksVHS1995
4525V Who Moved My Cheese?VHS1999
85V Why Suicide?VHS1987
576V Wilson CrisisVHS1982
DVD2733 Wisdom of the DreamDVD1989
398V Wisdom of the Dream: Carl Gustav JungVHS1989
3434V Yellow WallpaperVHS1977