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Political Science Film Listing

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1852V Affirmative Action versus Reverse DiscriminationVHS1984
6V American Literature and PoliticsVHS1988
DVD2184 American President, TheDVD
261V Among Brothers, Politics in New OrleansVHS1986
5108V April 9, 1948VHS2001
3628V Artists at Work: A Film on the New Deal Art ProjectsVHS1981
1024V As Iwate Goes- Is Politics Local?, As Iwate Goes Is Politics Local?VHS1992
DVD2754 Barnwell Ring, TheDVD2007
1596V Battle for the BibleVHS1987
4007V Bill of RightsVHS1997
DVD1745 Boogie ManDVD2008
DVD2102 Boogie Man, Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater StoryDVD2008
DVD516 Bush's BrainDVD2004
DVD707 Campaign '04DVD2004
1848V Campaign SpendingVHS1984
DVD3859 Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?DVD2006
DVD2390 Carter Presidency, The: Lessons for the 21st CenturyDVD2007
715V China in Revolution: Battle for Survival, 1911-1936VHS1989
716V China in Revolution: Fighting for the Future, 1936-1949VHS1989
4100V China RisingVHS1992
4023V China: A Century of RevolutionVHS1997
DVD643 Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed, Chisholm 72DVD2004
DVD2260 ChoiceDVD1964
1679V Classics of Political Television Advertising, TheVHS1986
5331V CNN American Government Today, American Government TodayVHS
3604V CommunismVHS1996
1855V Communist Ideology after MaoVHS1984
3065V Congress, The, Power Game, pt. 1- The CongressVHS1988
DVD3856 Congress, TheDVD1988
4355V Courageous Women of Colombia, TheVHS1997
5326V Democratic GovernmentVHS1992
3912V Devils Don't DreamVHS1995
3758V Double Life of Ernesto Gomez GomezVHS1998
1690V Drive For Power, TheVHS1974
3991V Electing a PresidentVHS1999
2351V Empire of Reason, AnVHS1988
2852V English Only in AmericaVHS1995
3417V Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished BusinessVHS1998
DVD2191 FDRDVD1994
1821V FederalismVHS1990
1853V FederalismVHS1984
1854V Fight for Democracy, TheVHS1992
1816V Formal OrganizationsVHS1991
3442V Free Speech for SaleVHS1999
2482V From Danger to DignityVHS1995
3451V Fujimori Empire, TheVHS1997
DVD4071 Gatekeepers, TheDVD2012
DVD2185 George H. W. BushDVD2008
DVD1307 Georgie GirlDVD2001
DVD703 Great DecisionsDVD2005
3873V Great Leap, 1949VHS
3015V Gringo in MananalandVHS1995
1080V HaitiVHS1991
256V Hands that Picked Cotton, Black Politics in Today's Rural SouthVHS1984
4891V Helene CixousVHS1992
DVD1657 Help Wanted: Dynamics of the EU Labor MarketDVD
1483V Helping Hand, TheVHS1984
3379V Henry Kissinger: A Diplomat's LifeVHS1995
DVD735 Hijacking Catastrophe, 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American EmpireDVD
1755V House of Lords, TheVHS
DVD1658 Human Trafficking: A Crisis for the EU and the WorldDVD
3865V Icons & Symbols: The Power of Persuasion, Icons and Symbols: The Power of PersuasionVHS1997
DVD1659 Identities: Culture and Nationality in Europe TodayDVD
1734V Illusions of NewsVHS1989
DVD2960 In Tahrir SquareDVD2011
DVD1656 Inside the European Union: Parliament Under PressureDVD
DVD1581 Iron Ladies of LiberiaDVD2007
2696V Islamic StateVHS1993
3454V Jesse Jackson: Civil Rights Leader and PoliticianVHS1992
3422V Jesse Jackson: I Am SomebodyVHS1995
DVD2186 Jimmy CarterDVD2008
3994V Judicial BranchVHS1998
4599V Justice for SaleVHS1999
DVD2188 Kennedys, TheDVD1992
DVD1618 Key Constitutional ConceptsDVD2006
DVD1582 Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt, TheDVD2003
1595V Kingdom DividedVHS1987
374V Kingdom, TheVHS1982
1846V Land of DemonsVHS1993
DVD1017 Last Campaign, TheDVD2005
DVD2187 LBJDVD1991
1733V Leading QuestionsVHS1989
3415V Legacy of Barbara JordanVHS1996
721V Legacy of the Shoguns, TheVHS1987
3995V Legislative BranchVHS1998
1822V Local GovernmentVHS1990
4029V Lowndes County Freedom Party: The Rise of the Black Panthers, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, TheVHS1993
2711V Making Welfare WorkVHS1994
DVD1619 MandateDVD2005
1940V Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and the MediaVHS1992
1937V Michael J. Sandel: Can Self-Government Survive?, Can Self Government Survive?VHS1990
3219V Millhouse: A White ComedyVHS1971
3519V Myth of the Liberal Media, TheVHS1997
1849V National Security and Freedom of the PressVHS1984
3115V Nationalists, TheVHS1996
2702V Newshour with Jim Lehrer, June 17, 1997VHS1997
497V Nicaragua: Development Under FireVHS1986
DVD2189 NixonDVD1990
DVD1655 No Colors: Racism and Prejudice in Modern EuropeDVD
376V Oil, Money, and PoliticsVHS1982
1597V On Earth as It is in HeavenVHS1987
1819V One Woman, One VoteVHS1995
1753V Order, Order! Britain's Parliament at WorkVHS1992
DVD3688 Our Brand is CrisisDVD2005
DVD1617 Our ConstitutionDVD
3405V Out of the PastVHS1997
3066V Pentagon, The, Power Game, pt. 2- The PentagonVHS1988
3097V People and the Power Game: Elected, Elected: Presidency and CongressVHS1996
3096V People and the Power Game: Unelected, Unelected: Lobbies and MediaVHS1996
332V Peter BergerVHS1988
109V Poison and the PentagonVHS1988
2149V Politics, People and PollutionVHS1992
959V Politics, Privacy and the PressVHS1987
478V Powerful Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow WilsonVHS1962
3068V Presidency, The, Power Game, pt. 4- The PresidencyVHS1988
DVD562 PrimaryDVD1960
4595V Primary, TheVHS1992
DVD4037 Prime Ministers, TheDVD2013
DVD375 Proliferation Threat, TheDVD2003
2699V Question of Equality, TheVHS1995
DVD2190 ReaganDVD1998
4145V Rebels with a CauseVHS2000
DVD2438 Rebels With a CauseDVD2000
DVD2906 RecountDVD2008
3641V Religion, Rap and the Crisis of Black LeadershipVHS1990
1851V Right to Live, Right to DieVHS1984
1850V School Prayer, Gun Control and the Right to AssembleVHS1984
2V Secret World of the CIA, TheVHS1988
4570V Seeing Red: Stories of American CommunistsVHS1984
1115V Sex and Justice, Highlights of the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas HearingsVHS1993
4218V Shh! We're Writing the ConstitutionVHS1989
5110V Shoeshine President, TheVHS2003
1232V Simple JusticeVHS1993
DVD4002 Singing Revolution, TheDVD2007
DVD1959 Slacker UprisingDVD
1006V Societal and Political Aspects of AgingVHS1993
DVD2815 South of the BorderDVD2009
3345V Speeches of Famous WomenVHS1995
DVD4185 Square, The, Al-Mayd?nDVD2013
DVD1660 Stop the Flow: Analyzing the Causes of EU ImmigrationDVD
DVD986 Street FightDVD2006
2484V Struggle for Russia, TheVHS1994
3992V Supreme Court of the United StatesVHS1996
3878V Taylor's Campaign: Courage on the StreetsVHS1997
3616V That's Where the Action IsVHS1965
DVD2192 Theodore RooseveltDVD1996
526V Todos Santos, Survivors, TheVHS1989
717V Tragedy at Tianenmen: The Untold StoryVHS1989
DVD713 Trial in East Kalimantan, The Benoaq Dayak ResistanceDVD1999
DVD2193 TrumanDVD1997
1735V Truth About Lies, TheVHS1989
638V Understanding the CourtsVHS1990
3067V Unelected, The, Power Game, pt. 3- The UnelectedVHS1988
DVD479 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential ElectionDVD2004
767V Vaclav Havel: Leadership in Eastern EuropeVHS1990
4133V War Room, TheVHS1993
2943V Welfare Reform: Social ImpactVHS1997
2945V Welfare Reform: Social ResponsibilityVHS1997
3828V With God on Our SideVHS1996
4339V Woman's World, A, Women in PoliticsVHS2000
1904V Women and MinoritiesVHS1990
5328V Women in PoliticsVHS1992
2794V Women World LeadersVHS1996
DVD2194 Woodrow WilsonDVD2002
417V You May Call Her Madam SecretaryVHS1987
DVD1918 ZapatistaDVD1998