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Philosophy Film Listing

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2153V Anguish of AbrahamVHS1978
2726V Art of Living, Touching the TimelessVHS1992
DVD3579 Being in the WorldDVD2010
4021V Birth of the Modern Mind, TheVHS1998
1916V Citizen LockeVHS1994
572V Contemporary Perspectives in Philosophy of ReligionVHS1988
DVD886 Darwin's Dangerous IdeaDVD
1720V Darwin's Revolution in Thought, Stephen J. GouldVHS1995
1719V Darwin's Revolution in Thought, Stephen Jay GouldVHS1995
4920V DerridaVHS2002
DVD3745 Earth Wisdom, For a World in CrisisDVD2009
4429V EverymanVHS1991
3126V ExistentialismVHS1984
2381V Facing HateVHS1991
1482V I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying It, John Cage: I Have Nothing to Say and I Am Saying ItVHS1990
3000V Ideas of Chomsky, TheVHS1977
2854V Ideas of Quine, TheVHS1977
DVD3578 Ister, TheDVD2004
4885V Jacques DerridaVHS1992
4536V John Dewey: His Life and WorkVHS2001
1826V Karl Marx and MarxismVHS
1693V Knowledge or CertaintyVHS1974
DVD811 Magic of ConsciousnessDVD
2947V Mahatma Gandhi, Twentieth Century ProphetVHS1998
1940V Manufacturing Consent, Noam Chomsky and the MediaVHS1992
1938V Martha Nussbaum: Applying the Lessons of Ancient Greece, Applying the Lessons of Ancient GreeceVHS1988
1937V Michael J. Sandel: Can Self-Government Survive?, Can Self Government Survive?VHS1990
4754V Mille Gilles, Thousand GillesVHS1997
2725V Mistaken Identity, Ecology of MindVHS1992
3885V Mood of Zen, TheVHS
DVD1166 Mythology of Star Wars, TheDVD1999
1922V Patricia Smith Churchland, How the Human Mind WorksVHS1988
DVD3288 Pervert's Guide to Cinema. Parts 1, 2, 3DVD2006
DVD4225 Pervert's Guide to Ideology, TheDVD2013
332V Peter BergerVHS1988
2855V Philosophy of Language, TheVHS1977
2727V Poor Man Shames Us All, Inventing RealityVHS1992
4083V Pre-Raphaelite RevoltVHS1967
1993V Principles and Practices of ZenVHS
3505V Pursuit of Happiness, Smile of ReasonVHS1969
2724V Shock of the Other, Strange RelationsVHS1992
357V Three Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, TaoismVHS1982
2728V Tightrope of Power, At the ThresholdVHS1992
1824V Vietnam: A Case Study for Critical ThinkingVHS1987
1829V Zen: In Search of EnlightenmentVHS