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4773V 18 Ways to Make a Baby, Eighteen Ways to Make a BabyVHS2001
DVD752 3 Girls I KnowDVD
DVD2268 60 Billion Dollar Fraud, Sixty Billion Dollar FraudDVD2009
DVD712 A Closer WalkDVD
DVD1528 A Deathly Silence, A Teen's SuicideDVD
96V Abortion ClinicVHS1983
3752V Acute Ischemic StrokeVHS1994
DVD1869 AddictionDVD2006
DVD3659 Addiction IncorporatedDVD2013
3748V Adult Acute Myocardial InfarctionVHS1994
DVD430 Aging WellDVD1994
DVD1419 All My BabiesDVD1952
DVD4299 All of MeDVD2016
3236V Altered States: A History of Drug Use in AmericaVHS1993
DVD1091 Alternative Fix, TheDVD2003
1609V Alzheimer's Disease: A Wilderness ExploredVHS1994
4078V Alzheimer's Mystery, TheVHS1999
DVD3626 America the Beautiful 2DVD2012
2131V And the Home of the BraveVHS1988
DVD1785 Angela's JourneyDVD
DVD3541 Animated MindsDVD2009
3747V AsystoleVHS1994
1607V Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, What Do We Know?VHS1992
1606V Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD In AdultsVHS1994
DVD815 AutismDVD2003
DVD913 Autism and Applied Behavioral AnalysisDVD2001
DVD1865 Autism: The MusicalDVD2007
DVD699 Basic Anatomy & Kinesiology, Especially for DancersDVD2004
DVD1886 Battling Eating DisordersDVD
5053V Beating Bacteria: E-Coli, Staphylococcal, SalmonellaVHS2002
DVD1096 Beating DepressionDVD2004
DVD2138 Beauty MarkDVD2008
97V Better off Dead?VHS1984
DVD1080 Bicycle, TheDVD2005
DVD1074 Big Bucks, Big PharmaDVD
DVD1866 Bigger Stronger FasterDVD
DVD1779 Binge Drinking: The Right to Party?DVD1999
2350V Bintou in Paris, Pari du BintouVHS1994
DVD3609 Blood BrotherDVD2013
5057V Bloodborne PathogensVHS1998
DVD1783 Bodies and SoulsDVD2005
DVD1172 Body AtlasDVD
DVD3959 Born in BrazilDVD2002
3749V BradycardiaVHS1994
DVD834 Brain, The, Our Universe WithinDVD
3215V Breasts: A DocumentaryVHS1996
3861V Brockport Physical Fitness Test VideoVHS1999
3754V Budget BasicsVHS1998
3756V Building TeamsVHS1995
DVD1714 Business of Being Born, TheDVD2007
DVD2833 Business of Being Born: Classroom EditionDVD2007
574V Caregiver StressVHS1987
DVD2485 Carrying Health to the Community, Dr. Hilla Sheriff, Public Health PioneerDVD1988
3784V Central Nervous System and the BrainVHS1997
4714V Chemical KidsVHS
DVD1206 Chernobyl Heart, Chernobyl Heart: The Dark Side of Nuclear PowerDVD
177V Chernobyl: The Taste of WormwoodVHS1987
392V Childhood and AdolescenceVHS1990
DVD1579 Choice of a LIfetime, TheDVD1996
4827V Choices: Sexual Health Issues for College StudentsVHS1999
DVD3052 Clinical Nursing Skills, Taylor's Video Guide to Clinical Nursing SkillsDVD2011
3779V Communicating with Clients and Colleagues from Different.., CulturesVHS1995
4468V Controversies Concerning Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJVHS1998
DVD1103 Cranial NervesDVD
3487V Critical Care: Teamwork for SurvivalVHS1993
4966V Dangerous Business, AVHS2003
1142V Deadly Deception, TheVHS1993
DVD3565 deepsouthDVD2013
DVD1097 Depression: A Backpack Full of BricksDVD
DVD2644 Designing Healthy CommunitiesDVD2012
219V Designing the Physical Environment for Persons with DementiaVHS1987
4990V Diet and Health: Cancer, Immunology and AIDSVHS1996
DVD1073 Diet WarsDVD
4724V Differential Diagnosis for AphasiaVHS1998
5021V Doctor's Opinion: The Medical Effects of Alcohol on the BodVHS1995
DVD2151 Dorothea Orem, Dorothea Orem : Self-Care FrameworkDVD1988
5324V Dr. Solomon's DilemmaVHS
530V Drug BabiesVHS1990
4956V Dying To Be ThinVHS2000
393V Early AdulthoodVHS1990
213V Early Misgivings: A Film on Child AbuseVHS1983
DVD1169 Eating DisordersDVD
DVD2925 ED 101, ED101DVD2012
DVD3316 Escape FireDVD2012
DVD1448 Estrogen Effect, TheDVD1993
DVD1914 Ethics in HealthcareDVD2008
DVD2851 Everest: The Death ZoneDVD1998
DVD866 False MemoriesDVD2000
5039V FatVHS1999
4236V Fat and Happy?VHS2001
DVD1867 Fat Like Me: How to Win the Weight WarDVD2003
DVD1463 Fat: What No One is Telling YouDVD
DVD1634 Fear of FatDVD
DVD3716 Fed UpDVD2014
4450V Fernando is BackVHS1998
1711V Fire Eyes, Female CircumcisionVHS1994
5284V Fit, Episodes in the History of the BodyVHS
DVD3831 FixedDVD2013
4738V Fluent AphasiasVHS1987
3792V Focus on EvaluationVHS1990
5032V Food Safety: Protecting At-Risk PopulationsVHS2000
DVD2615 Food StampedDVD2010
321V Forensic Death Investigation, Post Mortem ExaminationVHS1988
496V Fragile X MysteryVHS1990
4641V Functional Training for Physical RehabilitationVHS1995
5058V Genetically Engineered Food: Are We At Risk?VHS2001
DVD939 Good Food/ Bad FoodDVD
DVD1399 Goodbye CP, Sayônara CPDVD1972
2371V Grave WordsVHS1996
DVD1456 Great Fever, TheDVD2006
3868V Health Care Industry's Impact on the EnvironmentVHS1998
DVD3902 Healthcare Movie, TheDVD2011
5339V Healthy Baby Girl, AVHS1996
3314V Hearing Development and Hearing LossVHS1995
4938V Hearing DisordersVHS1994
DVD3493 Hidden PicturesDVD2013
DVD832 Hope Speaks, An Introduction to Childhood Apraxia of SpeechDVD
5017V Hospital on Trial, AVHS1995
254V House Divided, A, Caregiver Stress and Elder AbuseVHS1988
1133V House of the Spirit, Perspectives on Cambodian Health CareVHS1984
996V How the Body AgesVHS1993
3794V How to Evaluate: From Design to ImplementationVHS1991
3793V How to Evaluate: From Objectives to DesignVHS1990
DVD2995 How to Survive a PlagueDVD2012
3340V Human Body, TheVHS1998
DVD2515 Human Body, TheDVD1998
5290V Human Language Series, TheVHS
DVD3948 I Have Tourette's But Tourette's Doesn't Have MeDVD2006
1066V I Need Your Full CooperationVHS1989
1004V Illness and DisabilityVHS1993
270V In Care of Families and their EldersVHS1987
2704V In Her Own TimeVHS1985
139V In the BeginningVHS1978
DVD1151 In the WombDVD
3812V Infant Motor DevelopmentVHS1988
5024V Infectious Diseases: Causes and ControlsVHS2002
2818V Insect Clues: Forensic EntomologyVHS1996
5028V Inside the Head: New Dimensions in Brain ResearchVHS2003
3785V Internal Structure of the BrainVHS1987
3786V Internal Structure of the Brain: ExaminationVHS1987
DVD1034 Invisible Wall, Autism, TheDVD2001
3884V Jane: An Abortion ServiceVHS1995
1756V Jason: The Way We Live TodayVHS1993
DVD4212 Jean Watson: A Theory of Human CaringDVD2005
1058V Killer in the Air, A, Controlling Tuberculosis in Correctional FacilitiesVHS1992
295V Knowing Your Rights, Program on Medicare's Perspective Payment SystemVHS1985
259V Latah: A Culture Specific Elaboration of the Startle ReflexVHS1983
395V Late AdulthoodVHS1990
4712V Laughing Club of IndiaVHS2000
4730V Learning the Alexander TechniqueVHS1995
1917V Leon R. Kass, Moral Implications o Scientific AdvancesVHS1988
3823V Letting Go...A Hospice JourneyVHS1996
DVD1791 Life Worth LivingDVD1997
5286V Living and Laughing with Cancer, A Comedian's JourneyVHS
DVD940 Living with ADHDDVD
DVD688 Losing ItDVD2004
3615V Lost Children of Rockdale CountyVHS1999
DVD2196 Lost Children of Rockdale County, TheDVD1999
DVD1389 Lynchburg Story, TheDVD1993
DVD1534 Made Over In AmericaDVD2007
3212V Man in a Woman's WorldVHS1997
3736V Massage for Sports Health CareVHS1998
997V Maximizing Physical Potential of Older AdultsVHS1993
DVD914 Measuring Success in Treatment for AutismDVD2005
4969V Medicating KidsVHS2001
3745V Mega VF: Refractory VF/Pulseless VTVHS1994
DVD875 MemoryDVD
394V Middle AdulthoodVHS1990
3796V Middle Childhood: Physical Growth and DevelopmentVHS1997
3377V Midwife's TaleVHS1997
DVD2419 Midwifery, Delivered With LoveDVD1991
3541V Miracle of LifeVHS1983
DVD1615 Miracle of Life, TheDVD1983
793V Mirror, Mirror, Mirror MirrorVHS1990
222V Miss Nora's StoreVHS1989
DVD3238 Money and Medicine, Money & MedicineDVD2012
DVD2152 Move For LifeDVD
DVD1784 MultipleDVD
4642V Myofunctional Evaluation Process, TheVHS1997
4983V Mystery of the SensesVHS1995
4867V New York City Ballet WorkoutVHS2001
3543V Newborn: Development and DiscoveryVHS1996
253V No Place Like HomeVHS1981
1875V No Time for TearsVHS1993
5357V Not My HomeVHS1994
DVD2376 Nourish: Food + CommunityDVD2009
3842V Nurse Theorists: Portraits of ExcellenceVHS
5022V Nutrition and the ElderlyVHS1988
1971V Nyamakuta: The One Who ReceivesVHS1989
DVD523 On Hostile GroundDVD2000
4103V On Our Own TermsVHS2000
DVD2250 Orgasm Inc.DVD2009
DVD1787 Orgasmic BirthDVD
5292V Orofacial Myology: Beyond Tongue ThrustVHS1994
DVD1633 Out of Control: AIDS in Black AmericaDVD
DVD2816 Out of the ShadowDVD2006
DVD1548 Pain of Depression, TheDVD
DVD4213 Patricia Benner: Novice to ExpertDVD2008
1466V People with Diabetes Can Enjoy Healthier Lives!VHS1994
4079V Perception: The TheoriesVHS1999
DVD756 Perfect Day, TheDVD2003
DVD1809 Perfect Illusions: Eating Disorders and the FamilyDVD
DVD1207 Period: The End of MenstruationDVD2005
4678V Physical Causes of Mental IllnessVHS
4906V Pill, TheVHS2003
DVD2519 Pill, TheDVD2003
DVD3237 Pink Ribbons, Inc.DVD2012
DVD3313 Place at the Table, ADVD2012
DVD1278 Places in the Heart, Places in the Heart: Peripherally Inserted Central CatheterDVD2006
2101V Population Transition in ItalyVHS1995
DVD1168 Portion Size Me, Too!DVD
3542V Prenatal Development: A Life in the MakingVHS1996
3746V Pulseless Electrical ActivityVHS1994
DVD1687 Quality Gap, TheDVD2000
4533V Rachel's DaughtersVHS1997
DVD2910 Recovering, Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia NervosaDVD2012
DVD3285 Recovering BodiesDVD1997
DVD1082 Refrigerator MothersDVD2002
DVD4023 Remote Area MedicalDVD2013
1287V Residents Councils: A Voice for Equality of LifeVHS1984
3743V Respiratory Arrest with a PulseVHS1994
2162V Respite: Taking CareVHS
265V Response, Child Sexual Abuse, Medical ViewVHS1985
266V Response, Child Sexual Abuse, Clinical InterviewVHS1986
1095V RitesVHS1991
DVD799 RX for SurvivalDVD
5019V SARS and the New PlaguesVHS2003
DVD874 Secret Life of the Brain, TheDVD2001
DVD1407 Sense of Hearing: Cochlear ImplantsDVD
875V Seven Days a WeekVHS1988
807V Sharing the Caring: Adult Day CareVHS1992
DVD1868 Shedding the PastDVD2007
DVD1107 ShreddedDVD
DVD1906 Sick in America: John Stossel on HealthcareDVD2007
4760V Sickle Cell Disease: The Faces of Our ChildrenVHS1999
DVD1488 SickoDVD2007
5015V Silicone Implants on TrialVHS1997
2502V Silverlake Life: The View From HereVHS1994
5122V Skeleton and Muscles, TheVHS
4512V Smoke and Mirrors: A History of DenialVHS1999
DVD2015 Sons of LwalaDVD
4597V Source/Filter TheoryVHS2002
DVD2911 Speaking Out About EDDVD2011
4694V Speaking Out: Women, AIDS and Hope in MaliVHS2002
500V Special Child: Maximizing Limited Potential, Developing ChildVHS1984
3751V Stable TachycardiaVHS1994
3685V Stealing TimeVHS1998
DVD895 Stockholm Solution, New Therapies for Eating DisordersDVD
3738V Success in Advanced Cardiac Life SupportVHS1998
DVD525 Super Size MeDVD2004
216V SurvivorsVHS1988
5280V Susceptible to Kindness, Miss Evers' Boys and the Tuskegee Syphilis StudyVHS1994
DVD1208 Teen Mothers, MeninasDVD2005
DVD1884 Thin, Thin: Death by Eathing DisorderDVD2005
DVD2029 ThinDVD2005
3715V To Care: A Portrait of Three Older CaregiversVHS1987
DVD1081 Tobacco Conspiracy, TheDVD2005
5013V Tobacco on TrialVHS1997
236V Too Little, Too LateVHS1987
4153V Toxic WatersVHS2000
DVD3755 Transgender TuesdaysDVD2012
3282V Troubled HarvestVHS1990
DVD2263 Understanding the BrainDVD2007
DVD877 Understanding the Mysteries of MemoryDVD1998
4409V Undetectable: The New Face of AIDSVHS2001
DVD840 Unforgotten, Twenty-Five Years After WillowbrookDVD
DVD1672 Unnatural CausesDVD2008
3750V Unstable Tachycardia: Electrical CardioversionVHS1994
DVD1576 Untold DesiresDVD1994
DVD2604 Urban RootsDVD2011
3998V Video Highlights from the Voice Clinic, Video Hi Lites from the Voice ClinicVHS
DVD4211 Virginia Henderson: Definition of NursingDVD2006
DVD1755 Walk to Beautiful, ADVD2008
DVD1122 We Become SilentDVD
DVD812 Weight of Obesity, The, A Balanced RealityDVD2005
DVD2842 Weight of the Nation, TheDVD2012
3676V What Shall We Do About Mom and Dad?VHS1995
DVD2613 What's on Your Plate?DVD2009
DVD961 Who Cares: Chronic Illness in AmericaDVD
3822V Who Plays God?VHS1996
325V Whose Life is it Anyway?VHS1981
DVD4085 Wihemina's WarDVD2015
1918V Willard Gaylin, Ethics and EconomicsVHS1988
576V Wilson CrisisVHS1982
2819V Wilson MurderVHS1996
3787V Winning Sports NutritionVHS1994
3744V Witnessed VF: Adult Cardiac ArrestVHS1994
4693V Womanhood and Circumcision, Three Maasai Women Have their SayVHS2002
DVD2730 Womanhood and Circumcision, Three Maasai Women Have Their SayDVD2002
DVD1098 Women and AlcoholismDVD2003
DVD570 Worried SickDVD2003
4707V XXXYVHS2000