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Latin American Studies Film Listing

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4846V 90 Miles, Ninety MilesVHS2001
757V Age of Gold, TheVHS1991
547V Amazonia: The Road to the End of the ForestVHS1989
DVD2987 Americana, LaDVD2009
983V AmericansVHS1993
3504V AmericasVHS1993
1104V Archeological Yucatan Mexico: Land of the MayaVHS1987
DVD742 Artistic Legacy of the Mexican Revolution, TheDVD1994
680V Bahia: Africa in the AmericasVHS1988
DVD708 BalserosDVD2003
3285V Battle of ChileVHS1976
DVD3700 Battle of Chile, The, Batalla de Chile, LaDVD1975
1049V Biculturalism and Acculturation Among LatinosVHS1991
DVD2423 Black in Latin AmericaDVD2011
DVD2024 Blending of Culture, TheDVD2001
5072V Blonds, Rubios, LosVHS2003
DVD1171 Blossoms of FireDVD2000
2894V Bolivia: Coca, Food of the PoorVHS1992
5170V Bracero Program: Sad Recollections, Programa Bracero: Triste RecuerdoVHS2002
877V Brazil: Heart of South AmericaVHS1988
4207V Brickmakers, The, ChiracalesVHS1972
DVD2836 Bronze Screen, TheDVD2002
980V Builders of ImagesVHS1993
2299V Burning Season, TheVHS1994
2597V Carmen Miranda: Bananas is My BusinessVHS1994
3866V Cautiverio FelizVHS1998
4514V Celebration! A Caribbean FestivalVHS
5176V Charcoal Workers, The, Megano, ElVHS1954
2294V Chicano!VHS1996
3286V Chile, Obstinate MemoryVHS1997
DVD4183 Cimarron SpiritDVD2015
DVD1944 Class Apart, ADVD
4080V Colombia's Guerilla War: A Sundered NationVHS1999
1105V Columbus Didn't Discover UsVHS1990
1180V Common Table in BoliviaVHS
4603V ConquistadorsVHS2000
DVD2487 ConquistadorsDVD2001
537V Contact: The Yanomami Indians of BrazilVHS1990
DVD2747 Contact: The Yanomami Indians of BrazilDVD1990
976V Continent on the MoveVHS1993
DVD2347 Corrido Mexicano, ElDVD2007
4355V Courageous Women of Colombia, TheVHS1997
DVD1676 Cracking the Maya CodeDVD
DVD1553 Crossing ArizonaDVD
5169V Cuba 15VHS1997
DVD1887 Dangerous Journey, A, Illegal Immigration: A Dangerous JourneyDVD2006
5073V Day Without a MexicanVHS2004
DVD4287 Death Before SlaveryDVD2005
1954V DenialVHS1994
555V Devil Gave Us OilVHS1986
3912V Devils Don't DreamVHS1995
3278V Dirty Secrets: Jennifer, Everardo and the CIA in GuatemalaVHS1998
DVD658 Discovering DomingaDVD2002
1182V Dominican Republic: Cradle of the AmericasVHS1981
DVD1905 Dos Patrias: Cuba y la Noche, Two Homlands, Cuba and the NightDVD
DVD4064 Double Day, TheDVD1975
3758V Double Life of Ernesto Gomez GomezVHS1998
1740V Ecuador: Today's Place for BusinessVHS
DVD1945 Egalite for AllDVD
4098V Ernesto Che Guevara: The Bolivian DiaryVHS1994
464V Faces of WarVHS1986
4450V Fernando is BackVHS1998
982V Fire in the MindVHS1993
2383V Flowers for GuadalupeVHS1995
322V Flying Farmer, TheVHS1989
3755V Forbidden LandVHS1989
5335V From the Mountains to the MaquiladorasVHS
DVD1629 From the Other SIde, De l'autre côtéDVD
3451V Fujimori Empire, TheVHS1997
975V Garden of Forking Paths, Capital SinsVHS1993
981V Get Up, Stand UpVHS1993
2382V Go Back to MexicoVHS1997
3015V Gringo in MananalandVHS1995
1207V Hablas Ingles?VHS1988
840V Hail Umbanda, Salve a UmbandaVHS1988
DVD1552 Havana- The New Art of Making RuinsDVD2006
460V Healer, TheVHS
4817V Hidden in Plain SightVHS2003
465V Home Life, Nicas, LasVHS1982
815V Huichol Sacred Pilgrimage to WirikutaVHS1991
1613V If the Mango Tree Could SpeakVHS1993
5089V Improper Conduct, Mauvais ConduiteVHS1983
5175V In the Land of PlentyVHS1999
DVD1459 In the Time of the ButterfliesDVD2000
978V In Women's HandsVHS1993
2218V Inside the School of AssassinsVHS1996
1635V Introducing Latin AmericaVHS1994
963V Introducing MexicoVHS1991
962V Introducing South AmericaVHS1987
5163V Jews in ChileVHS2002
567V Journey: From Faith to Action in BrazilVHS1984
5168V Jump Over the Atlantic, Salto al AtlanticoVHS1990
5205V Justice and the GeneralsVHS2002
435V Kayapo, TheVHS1987
DVD1582 Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt, TheDVD2003
DVD1237 Lagos Wide and CloseDVD2005
2311V Last Zapatista, TheVHS1995
556V Latin America: Intervention in Our Own BackyardVHS
DVD2954 Latinos Beyond ReelDVD2012
5227V Life and DebtVHS1992
3496V Lines of BloodVHS1991
1950V Long Road Home, TheVHS1992
DVD1379 Love, Women, and Flowers, Amor, Mujeres y FloresDVD1988
DVD1677 Man We Called Juan Carlos, TheDVD2000
1662V Man, When He is a ManVHS1982
DVD1181 Maquilapolis: City of FactoriesDVD
1930V Maria's StoryVHS1990
DVD2846 Mayan Trilogy: Life, Death, & MigrationDVD2008
1673V Mayan Voices: American LivesVHS1994
2072V Memorias de un MexicanoVHS1950
4313V Mending Ways: The Canela Indians of BrazilVHS1999
2082V MexicoVHS1996
558V Mexico and the U.S.VHS1988
4314V Mexico: A Story of Courage and ConquestVHS1999
979V Miracles are Not EnoughVHS1993
977V Mirrors of the HeartVHS1993
DVD4288 Morir Antes Que Esclavos Vivir, Death Before SlaveryDVD2005
DVD4288 Morir Antes Que Esclavos Vivir, Death Before SlaveryDVD2005
DVD1212 Moving ForwardDVD2004
961V Music of Latin America, Discovering the Music of Latin AmericaVHS1969
3400V New Cinema of Latin AmericaVHS1983
3490V New Tribes MissionVHS1971
497V Nicaragua: Development Under FireVHS1986
4609V Nuestra Comunidad: Latinos in North CarolinaVHS2001
529V Ofrenda: The Days of the DeadVHS1989
2206V Operacion, OperationVHS1982
879V Os BrasilierosVHS
DVD3688 Our Brand is CrisisDVD2005
DVD2344 Our Disappeared, Nuestros DesaparecidosDVD2008
252V Our God, the CondorVHS1967
5055V Palante, Siempre Palante, Young LordsVHS1996
DVD2418 Paradox, Los Angels StationDVD2001
DVD3453 Paraiso For SaleDVD2011
569V People of No InterestVHS1984
568V Peru, Literacy for Social Change, Schritte ins Reich der FreiheitVHS
4890V Pinochet CaseVHS2001
758V Price of Freedom, TheVHS1991
603V Raoni, Fight for the AmazonVHS1979
DVD1895 Rebel Music: AmericasDVD2004
1144V Rigoberta Menchu: Broken SilenceVHS1993
3698V Road of No Return, TheVHS1997
2217V School of Americas, School of AssassinsVHS1994
4593V Senorita Extraviada, Missing Young WomanVHS2001
551V Sentinels of SilenceVHS1971
DVD4063 Simplemente JennyDVD1977
DVD741 Spanish Conquest of Mexico, TheDVD1999
DVD891 State of Fear, The Truth About TerrorismDVD
1145V Status of Latina Women, TheVHS1992
472V Swidden Horticulture Among the Lancandon MayaVHS1986
1320V Tales Beyond SolitudeVHS1989
902V To Make the BalanceVHS1966
526V Todos Santos, Survivors, TheVHS1989
1671V Todos Santos CuchumatanVHS1982
DVD3847 TranslatinaDVD2010
DVD1858 True Story of Killing Pablo, TheDVD2002
759V Unfinished BusinessVHS1991
4187V Unfinished Diary, Journal InacheveVHS1992
755V Virgin and the BullVHS1991
587V Voices of Latin AmericaVHS1987
DVD3696 War on Democracy, TheDVD2007
DVD1170 When the Mountains TrembleDVD1983
DVD1918 ZapatistaDVD1998