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3890V Aces: A Story of the First Air WarVHS1993
3639V Attila the Hun: The Scourge of GodVHS1994
4615V Battle of Hood and BismarkVHS2001
1486V Battle of the BulgeVHS1994
DVD2432 Bontoc EulogyDVD1995
DVD3781 Camel News Caravan, August 3, 1954DVD
3396V Cold War, CNN Cold WarVHS1998
DVD2025 Cold War, CNN Cold WarDVD1998
1471V Cold War, Korean War and McCarthyVHS1993
2419V Collapse, Great War, pt. 6VHS1996
DVD2498 Collapse, Great War, Ep. 6DVD1996
1105V Columbus Didn't Discover UsVHS1990
3604V CommunismVHS1996
4603V ConquistadorsVHS2000
4952V CrusadesVHS1995
3889V Doughboys: Heroes of World War IVHS1995
4515V Emperor's Birthday, TheVHS1992
2414V Explosion, Great War, pt. 1VHS1996
DVD2493 Explosion, Great War, Ep. 1DVD1996
DVD778 First World War, TheDVD2004
1198V For the LivingVHS1993
DVD1549 Force More Powerful, ADVD
1367V Georgi Zhukov and the Battle For BerlinVHS1993
3891V Great War and the Shaping of the 20th CenturyVHS1996
4687V Great War: World War I, World War IVHS1998
4631V Grin Without a Cat, A, Fond de L'Aur est RougeVHS1977
DVD1176 Guns, Germs, and SteelDVD2004
2420V Hatred and Hunger, Great War, pt. 7VHS1996
DVD2499 Hatred and Hunger, Great War, Ep. 7DVD1996
DVD1474 Homo Sapiens 1900DVD1998
4497V Human RemainsVHS1998
1901V Hunters and GatherersVHS1988
DVD2204 Hunters and GatherersDVD1988
3975V Images of Life: Photographs that Changed the WorldVHS1996
3694V In Search of Genghis KhanVHS1991
2694V Islam and ChristianityVHS1993
DVD2466 Lost Civilizations, Time Life's Lost CivilizationsDVD1995
DVD1764 Making of a Medieval Manuscript, TheDVD
2418V Mutiny, Great War, pt. 5VHS1996
DVD2497 Mutiny, Great War, Ep. 5DVD1996
4994V Race for the PolesVHS1999
2417V Slaughter, Great War, pt. 4VHS1996
DVD2496 Slaughter, Great War, Ep. 4DVD1996
2415V Stalemate, Great War, pt. 2VHS1996
DVD2494 Stalemate, Great War, Ep.2DVD1996
2990V This Great CenturyVHS1996
2416V Total War, Great War, pt. 3VHS1996
DVD2495 Total War, Great War, Ep. 3DVD1996
DVD1533 TrotskyDVD1988
DVD803 Victory at Sea, The Legenday World War II DocumentaryDVD1953
3395V Vietnam: A Television HistoryVHS1983
755V Virgin and the BullVHS1991
1825V War and PeaceVHS1991
4734V War PhotographerVHS2001
2421V War Without End, Great War, pt. 8VHS1996
DVD2500 War Without End, Great War, Ep. 8DVD1996
5365V Working on the PastVHS
4528V World at WarVHS1973
DVD2101 World at War, TheDVD1973
1666V World War IVHS1994
DVD779 World War I, The Complete StoryDVD
1154V World War IIVHS1992
1470V World War IIVHS1993
DVD2970 World War II Behind Closed DoorsDVD2008
1961V World War II: War Chronicles, War ChroniclesVHS1983