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History- U.S. Warfare Film Listing

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3890V Aces: A Story of the First Air WarVHS1993
4479V African Americans in WWII, Legacy of Patriotism and ValorVHS1998
3993V American Revolution, Birth of the RepublicVHS1994
DVD2446 American Revolution, The, One Nation's Rise to IndependenceDVD1994
5193V Anderson Platoon, TheVHS1967
5303V Are We Winning, Mommy?VHS1986
1505V Arsenal, TheVHS1972
DVD1551 Band of BrothersDVD2001
DVD763 Battle History of the United Staes ArmyDVD
1486V Battle of the BulgeVHS1994
347V Better Angels of Our Nature, The: 1865VHS1989
4911V Breaking the Silence, Truth and Lies in the War on TerrorVHS2003
DVD1690 Bush's WarDVD2008
3813V Cartoons Go to WarVHS
339V Cause, The: (1861)VHS1989
DVD962 Causes of the Civil WarDVD1998
1319V Civil War (1863-1865)VHS1983
1328V Civil War (Postwar Period)VHS1983
1361V Civil War, TheVHS1983
DVD963 Civil War, TheDVD1998
DVD2474 Civil War, TheDVD1990
209V Civil War: The Fiery TrialVHS1988
2419V Collapse, Great War, pt. 6VHS1996
917V Color of Honor: Japanese American Soldier in World War IIVHS1987
796V Dear America: Letters Home from VietnamVHS1987
3889V Doughboys: Heroes of World War IVHS1995
1012V Face of WarVHS1985
4392V Fellowship of Valor, AVHS1997
4833V First KillVHS2001
DVD472 Fog of WarDVD2003
1204V Forever Activists, Stories from the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln BrigadeVHS1990
341V Forever Free: 1862VHS1989
4223V Forgotten Battle of Fort Pillow, TheVHS2001
58V Frightful ConflictVHS1987
991V Frontline, Eyewitness Account of the Vietnam WarVHS1979
DVD2930 GettysburgDVD2011
3891V Great War and the Shaping of the 20th CenturyVHS1996
1968V Gulf War, TheVHS1996
4701V Gunning for SaddamVHS2001
2420V Hatred and Hunger, Great War, pt. 7VHS1996
5125V Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945, Hiroshima Nagasaki August 1945VHS
DVD3539 History & Memory, History & Memory: For Akiko and TakashigeDVD1991
2658V History and MemoryVHS1991
3216V Liberty Ship John W. Brown Visits Charleston, SCVHS1998
4522V Liberty! The American RevolutionVHS1997
828V Life and Times of Rosie the RiveterVHS1980
DVD1555 Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, TheDVD1980
DVD1415 Little Dieter Needs to FlyDVD1998
1497V Making a RevolutionVHS1972
918V ManzanarVHS
1387V Mary Silliman's WarVHS1993
1215V Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry, TheVHS1991
1777V Men of BronzeVHS1977
345V Most Hallowed Ground: 1864VHS1989
DVD3826 Most Honorable SonDVD
3839V Motion Picture History of the Korean WarVHS1958
DVD1994 Muse of FireDVD
2418V Mutiny, Great War, pt. 5VHS1996
5314V Negro Solider, TheVHS1944
1875V No Time for TearsVHS1993
4820V Of Civil Wrongs and Rights, Fred Korematsu StoryVHS2000
DVD1996 Operation HomecomingDVD2007
DVD1409 Over Here: The Homefront During World War IDVD2007
1152V Panama Deception, TheVHS1992
DVD3644 Panama Deception, TheDVD1992
2564V Private SNAFU, Private S.N.A.F.U.VHS
4748V Riding the TigerVHS1999
342V Simply Murder: 1863VHS1989
2417V Slaughter, Great War, pt. 4VHS1996
5091V Sound of the Violin in My Lai, Tieng Vi Cam My LaiVHS
DVD2055 Standard Operating ProcedureDVD2008
920V Survivors: Forty Years after HiroshimaVHS1989
2416V Total War, Great War, pt. 3VHS1996
DVD3827 True WhispersDVD2002
DVD933 Two Days in OctoberDVD2005
1365V Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of the WildernessVHS1993
DVD2402 UncoveredDVD
919V Unfinished Business: The Japanese American Intenment CasesVHS1985
343V Universe of Battle, The: 1863VHS1989
DVD2661 US Navy CarriersDVD2006
344V Valley of the Shadow of Death, The: 1864VHS1989
340V Very Bloody Affair, A: 1862VHS1989
1013V Vietnam Newsreel Review: 1967VHS1967
935V Vietnam, an American JourneyVHS1979
1824V Vietnam: A Case Study for Critical ThinkingVHS1987
3395V Vietnam: A Television HistoryVHS1983
4709V War Behind Closed DoorsVHS2003
346V War is All Hell: 1865VHS1989
DVD1529 War Made EasyDVD2007
DVD1584 War That Made America, TheDVD2005
2421V War Without End, Great War, pt. 8VHS1996
DVD1398 War, TheDVD2007
1623V Warring and RoaringVHS1969
DVD4324 What Farocki TaughtDVD1998
3544V Who's Going to Pay for These Donuts, Anyway?VHS1992
DVD1060 Why We FightDVD2005
DVD1032 Why We Fight: World War IIDVD
DVD1072 Winter SoliderDVD1972
4528V World at WarVHS1973
1666V World War IVHS1994
DVD2109 World War I, Clash of EmpiresDVD1999
4654V World War I Films of the Silent EraVHS
1961V World War II: War Chronicles, War ChroniclesVHS1983
DVD2784 WWII in HDDVD2009
DVD2785 WWII in HD, The Air War, Air War, TheDVD2010