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History- U.S. 20th Century Film Listing

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DVD4322 1968 with Tom BrokawDVD2007
3437V 1968: The Year that Shaped a GenerationVHS1998
DVD4260 9066 to 9/11, Something Strong WithinDVD2004
DVD3736 Act of War, Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian NationDVD1993
DVD4276 Against the TideDVD2008
368V Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More: 1964-1972VHS1990
360V Ain't Scared of Your Jails: 1960-1961VHS1986
DVD2026 America, Alistair Cooke's AmericaDVD1973
3295V America 1900VHS1998
DVD3277 America and the HolocaustDVD2005
DVD4200 America's First ForestDVD2016
1505V Arsenal, TheVHS1972
3628V Artists at Work: A Film on the New Deal Art ProjectsVHS1981
1188V At the River I StandVHS1993
358V Awakenings: 1954-1956VHS1986
371V Back to the Movement: 1970-mid1980'sVHS1990
DVD1578 BanishedDVD
349V Berkeley in the Sixties, Berkeley in the 60'sVHS1990
DVD1614 Berkeley in the Sixties, Berkeley in the 60'sDVD1990
5195V Birth of a Nation 4*29*1992VHS1994
DVD4184 Black Panthers, The: Vanguard of the RevolutionDVD2015
DVD3917 Black Power Mixtape, 1967-1975, TheDVD2011
107V Bloods of 'NamVHS1986
5170V Bracero Program: Sad Recollections, Programa Bracero: Triste RecuerdoVHS2002
363V Bridge to Freedom: 1965VHS1986
4307V Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?VHS1975
3374V Century of WomenVHS1994
3529V Century: America's TimeVHS1999
82V Change, Change, Change ChangeVHS1983
DVD3824 Citizen TanouyeDVD2005
DVD694 Comic Book Superheroes UnmaskedDVD2003
DVD1557 Decades Collection, The: 1910-1919DVD
DVD1558 Decades Collection, The: 1920-1929DVD
DVD1559 Decades Collection, The: 1930-1939DVD
DVD1560 Decades Collection, The: 1940-1949DVD
DVD1561 Decades Collection, The: 1950-1959DVD
DVD1562 Decades Collection, The: 1960-1969DVD
DVD1563 Decades Collection, The: 1970-1979DVD
DVD1564 Decades Collection, The: 1980-1989DVD
DVD1565 Decades Collection, The: 1990-1999DVD
DVD1556 Decades Collection: 1900-1909DVD
DVD809 Democratic Promise, The, Saul Alinsky and His LegacyDVD1999
444V Depression Years: 1930-1940VHS1980
DVD1917 Documenting the Face of AmericaDVD2008
1501V Domesticating a WildernessVHS1972
2164V Doubles: Japan and America's Intercultural ChildrenVHS1995
443V Early Years: 1600-1930VHS1980
4239V Eleanor Roosevelt StoryVHS1965
DVD2561 Ellis IslandDVD1997
DVD4078 Eye on the 60's, Eye on the 60's: The Iconic Photography of Rowland SchermanDVD2013
DVD1178 Fatal FloodDVD
1579V FDRVHS1994
DVD549 February OneDVD2004
359V Fighting Back: 1957-1962VHS1986
1506V First ImpactVHS1972
4974V First Measured CenturyVHS2000
DVD3825 Fly GirlsDVD1999
DVD2662 Freedom RidersDVD2011
4011V George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire, Settin' the Woods on FireVHS2000
5206V Ghosts of AtticaVHS2001
DVD3003 Great Depression, TheDVD2003
228V Great San Francisco Earthquake: 1906VHS1988
4517V Happy Birthday, Mrs. CraigVHS1972
1483V Helping Hand, TheVHS1984
3379V Henry Kissinger: A Diplomat's LifeVHS1995
DVD3539 History & Memory, History & Memory: For Akiko and TakashigeDVD1991
3192V Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American DreamVHS1997
1503V Huddled Masses, TheVHS1972
3416V Huey!, Black Panther NewsreelVHS1968
3631V I'll Make Me a WorldVHS1999
122V In Remembrance of MartinVHS1986
DVD2397 Indians, Outlaws, & Angie DeboDVD2010
4910V Intolerable Burden, TheVHS2002
370V Keys to the Kingdom: 1974-1980VHS1990
DVD2894 Klan,The: A Legacy of Hate in AmericaDVD1982
4029V Lowndes County Freedom Party: The Rise of the Black Panthers, Lowndes County Freedom Organization, TheVHS1993
DVD1389 Lynchburg Story, TheDVD1993
502V Making Sense of the 60's, Making Sense of the SixtiesVHS1991
918V ManzanarVHS
DVD3712 Mighty Times: The Children's March, Children's March, TheDVD2005
362V Mississippi: Is this America? 1962-1964VHS1986
1502V Money on the LandVHS1972
1507V More Abundant LifeVHS1972
DVD2090 Most Dangerous Man in America, TheDVD
DVD3826 Most Honorable SonDVD
3568V Mr. Sears CatalogVHS1989
DVD807 Murder of Emmett TillDVD2003
369V Nation of Law? 1968-1971VHS1990
DVD1585 New OrleansDVD
361V No Easy Walk: 1962-1966VHS1986
4820V Of Civil Wrongs and Rights, Fred Korematsu StoryVHS2000
DVD701 Oral Historian's Work, AnDVD1987
DVD3753 Our NixonDVD2013
DVD1427 Plow that Broke the Plains, The, River, TheDVD1936
DVD808 Point of OrderDVD1964
1537V Postwar Hopes, Cold War FearsVHS1984
366V Power: 1967-1968VHS1990
DVD2558 ProhibitionDVD2011
1504V Promise Fulfilled and the Promise BrokenVHS1972
367V Promised Land: 1967-1968VHS1990
3329V Queen of the MistVHS1996
DVD2139 Radio BikiniDVD1987
2092V Railroad WomenVHS1988
4145V Rebels with a CauseVHS2000
DVD2438 Rebels With a CauseDVD2000
1838V Road to BrownVHS1990
DVD2589 Road to Brown, TheDVD1990
DVD1881 Scarred Justice: The Orangeburg Massacre 1968DVD2009
DVD816 ScottsboroDVD2001
1535V Second American RevolutionVHS1984
DVD3907 Selma, Selma: The Bridge to the BallotDVD2015
DVD4320 Sixties, The: The Years That Shaped a GenerationDVD2005
DVD2721 Slavery by Another NameDVD2012
3423V Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.VHS1988
DVD1583 Standing on My Sisters' ShouldersDVD
DVD1574 Strange Demise of Jim Crow, TheDVD1997
3194V Taken for a RideVHS1996
2990V This Great CenturyVHS1996
4481V This is What Democracy Looks LikeVHS2000
1216V Thurgood Marshall: Portrait of an American HeroVHS1985
DVD3711 Time for Justice, ADVD1995
364V Time Has Come: 1965-1966VHS1990
446V Toward a New Day: 1965-1980VHS1980
445V Toward Freedom: 1940-1965VHS1980
5200V Trouble BehindVHS1990
DVD3827 True WhispersDVD2002
1538V Twenties, TheVHS1984
DVD3868 Twenties, TheDVD1984
365V Two Societies: 1965-1968VHS1990
4006V Understanding the Civil Rights MovementVHS2000
919V Unfinished Business: The Japanese American Intenment CasesVHS1985
3621V Union MaidsVHS1976
2193V Uprising of '34, Uprising of 34VHS1995
DVD2743 Uprising of '34, The, Uprising of 34DVD1995
935V Vietnam, an American JourneyVHS1979
DVD3906 Viva la CausaDVD2008
DVD2027 Walk Through the 20th Century, ADVD1984
DVD1398 War, TheDVD2007
1623V Warring and RoaringVHS1969
DVD1234 With All Deliberate SpeedDVD2004
83V World War II: The Propaganda BattleVHS1982