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History- U.S. Pre-1900 Film Listing

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1339V 1877: The Grand Army of Starvation, 1877 The Grand Army of StarvationVHS1987
DVD3736 Act of War, Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian NationDVD1993
DVD3916 Africans in AmericaDVD1998
3993V American Revolution, Birth of the RepublicVHS1994
DVD836 American Revolution, TheDVD1996
DVD2446 American Revolution, The, One Nation's Rise to IndependenceDVD1994
DVD431 Benjamin FranklinDVD2002
347V Better Angels of Our Nature, The: 1865VHS1989
3095V Brooklyn BridgeVHS1996
DVD1048 C.S.A., The Confederate States of AmericaDVD2004
339V Cause, The: (1861)VHS1989
DVD962 Causes of the Civil WarDVD1998
1319V Civil War (1863-1865)VHS1983
1328V Civil War (Postwar Period)VHS1983
DVD963 Civil War, TheDVD1998
DVD2474 Civil War, TheDVD1990
209V Civil War: The Fiery TrialVHS1988
1335V Daughters of Free MenVHS1987
2169V Death Runs RiotVHS1996
DVD839 Democracy & ReformDVD1996
1336V Doing as they CanVHS1987
1501V Domesticating a WildernessVHS1972
1338V Dr. Toer's Amazing Magic Lantern ShowVHS1987
443V Early Years: 1600-1930VHS1980
DVD2561 Ellis IslandDVD1997
2351V Empire of Reason, AnVHS1988
2167V Empire Upon the TrailsVHS1996
DVD765 Era of Colonization, TheDVD1998
DVD838 ExpansionismDVD1996
2171V Fight No More ForeverVHS1996
1500V Fireball in the NightVHS1972
1337V Five PointsVHS1987
1995V Flight to Freedom: The Underground RailroadVHS1995
341V Forever Free: 1862VHS1989
4223V Forgotten Battle of Fort Pillow, TheVHS2001
DVD2429 Founding of America, TheDVD
1481V Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote HistoryVHS1994
58V Frightful ConflictVHS1987
2172V Geography of HopeVHS1996
1069V George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn't Be KingVHS1992
DVD2930 GettysburgDVD2011
2173V Ghost DanceVHS1996
1499V Gone WestVHS1972
2170V Grandest Enterprise Under GodVHS1996
DVD1586 Great Indian Wars, TheDVD
1496V Home From HomeVHS1972
1469V Indians, SoldiersVHS1993
1498V Inventing a NationVHS1972
DVD4073 Jamestown's Dark WinterDVD2015
DVD3852 John Brown's Holy WarDVD2000
5311V Land for Learning, Justin Morrill & America's Land-Grant CollegesVHS1997
1478V Last Stand at Little Big HornVHS1983
DVD968 Lewis and Clark, The Journey of the Corps of DiscoveryDVD1997
4522V Liberty! The American RevolutionVHS1997
1497V Making a RevolutionVHS1972
1387V Mary Silliman's WarVHS1993
345V Most Hallowed Ground: 1864VHS1989
3321V Mr. Jefferson and His UniversityVHS1993
DVD2399 Nation Within, Story of America's Annexation of the Nation of Hawai?iDVD1998
1495V New Found LandVHS1972
DVD837 New Nation, ADVD1996
3558V Not For Ourselves AloneVHS1999
2174V One Sky Above UsVHS1996
1941V Opening the WestVHS
2166V People, TheVHS1996
4698V Rebel Hearts, Sarah and Angelina Grimke and the Anti Slavery MovementVHS1994
DVD2472 Reconstruction, The Second Civil WarDVD2004
1071V River Ran Red: The 1892 Homestead Steel Strike, Uprising that Became HistoryVHS1993
342V Simply Murder: 1863VHS1989
5045V Slave Island: New York's Hidden HistoryVHS2002
DVD766 Slavery & FreedomDVD1998
DVD2335 Slavery and the Making of AmericaDVD2005
DVD2721 Slavery by Another NameDVD2012
90V South's Slave SystemVHS1987
2168V Speck of the Future, TheVHS1996
1334V Tea Party EtiquetteVHS1987
DVD764 Three Worlds Meet Origins - 1620DVD1998
DVD2058 Trail of Tears, The: Cherokee LegacyDVD2006
DVD2473 Transcontinental RailroadDVD2003
1365V Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle of the WildernessVHS1993
1619V Unearthing the Slave TradeVHS1993
343V Universe of Battle, The: 1863VHS1989
344V Valley of the Shadow of Death, The: 1864VHS1989
340V Very Bloody Affair, A: 1862VHS1989
5241V Visit with Mary Todd Lincoln, AVHS2004
346V War is All Hell: 1865VHS1989
DVD1584 War That Made America, TheDVD2005
DVD2476 West, TheDVD1996
DVD491 When Rice Was KingDVD1999
703V Where America Began, Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and YorktownVHS1988
DVD941 Whispers of AngelsDVD2001
1096V Women of Hull HouseVHS1992