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History- Europe Film Listing

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3877V 1900 HouseVHS1999
202V Aegean HeritageVHS1979
757V Age of Gold, TheVHS1991
DVD2122 Age of Revolution, AnDVD
3607V Age of RevolutionsVHS1996
1362V Alexander the Great and the Battle of IssusVHS1993
3407V America and the Holocaust: Deceit and IndifferenceVHS1994
DVD1235 Architecture of Doom, TheDVD1989
888V Are We Making a Good Peace?VHS1974
4008V Battle of Waterloo: 1815VHS1991
4666V Berlin's Hidden HistoryVHS2002
DVD2477 Berlin's Hidden HistoryDVD2002
DVD2123 Between the Wars, Between the Wars: The Economic Seeds of World War IIDVD
2392V Bielski BrothersVHS1996
DVD4274 Bloody SundayDVD2002
53V Bright Days of Tomorrow: 1945-1956VHS1986
4055V Calling the Ghosts, Prozivanje DuhovaVHS1996
894V Certain Amount of Violence, AVHS1974
2104V Changing Berlin: Changing Europe, Changing Berlin, Changing EuropeVHS1995
4470V Children of ChabannesVHS1999
1224V City of God, TheVHS1989
749V Coal, Blood and IronVHS1991
746V Colliding Continents and the Age of BronzeVHS1991
DVD2594 Creation of Italy, TheDVD
1225V Creation of Italy: The Battle of Solferino, 1859VHS1991
4918V Curious Journey: The Fight for Irish FreedomVHS1978
DVD2639 Day in Warsaw, ADVD1938
884V Day of Empires Has Arrived, TheVHS1974
1761V De Gaulle and FranceVHS1990
50V Different World: Poland's Jews 1919-1943VHS1986
886V Drums Begin to Roll, TheVHS1974
3116V Eastern Europe: 1900-1939VHS1991
3117V Eastern Europe: 1939-1953VHS1991
3118V Eastern Europe: 1953-1991VHS1991
DVD4028 Echos That RemainDVD1990
3113V Essential History of GreeceVHS1992
895V European Idea, AVHS1974
3531V Eye of the DictatorVHS1994
2070V Fall of Communism, TheVHS1990
DVD2889 Fall of Communism, TheDVD1990
933V Fallacies of Hope, TheVHS1970
49V False Dawn: 1921-1939VHS1986
748V Feat and Famine: The Limestone LegacyVHS1991
3606V Feudal System, TheVHS1989
DVD2627 Film Unfinished, ADVD2010
1198V For the LivingVHS1993
1204V Forever Activists, Stories from the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln BrigadeVHS1990
890V Form! Riflemen Form!, Form, Riflemen, FormVHS1974
DVD1993 French Revolution, TheDVD
52V Friends and Neighbors: 1939-1945VHS1986
922V Frozen World, The, Skin of our TeethVHS1970
DVD4027 GenocideDVD1981
2763V German Weekly Newsreel, Die Deutsche WochenschauVHS1941
928V Grandeur and ObedienceVHS1970
923V Great Thaw, TheVHS1970
192V Greece, the Golden AgeVHS1984
4919V Hang Up Your Brightest Colors, LIfe and Death of Michael CollinsVHS2000
926V Hero as Artist, TheVHS1970
934V Heroic MaterialismVHS1970
883V Hey-Day FeverVHS1974
DVD2145 Hitler vs. StalinDVD2005
4114V Hitler, Ein Film Aus DeutschlandVHS1977
889V Hope of Mankind, TheVHS1974
1366V Horatio Nelson and the Battle of TrafalgarVHS1993
751V Hostages to OilVHS1991
893V How the Mighty are FallenVHS1974
892V Human Rights: The Fundamental Freedoms, Human Rights, The Fundamental FreedomsVHS1974
DVD4034 I Have Never Forgotten YouDVD2006
55V In This Life: 1900-1979VHS1986
DVD241 Into the Arms of Strangers, Stories of the KindertransportDVD2000
4192V Ireland, Mother IrelandVHS1988
DVD4036 It Is No Dream, It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor HerzlDVD2011
DVD2640 Jewish Life in BialystokDVD1939
DVD2641 Jewish Life in Krakow, Jewish Life in CracowDVD1939
DVD2643 Jewish Life in WilnoDVD1939
DVD2642 Jewish Life LwowDVD1939
1363V Julius Caesar and the Battle of AlesiaVHS1993
4954V Knights and ArmorVHS1994
1162V Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938 to 1988VHS1988
1846V Land of DemonsVHS1993
4065V Last Days, TheVHS1998
DVD4029 LiberationDVD1994
3605V Life in the Court of Versailles, Daily Life at the Court of VersaillesVHS1981
929V Light of Experience, TheVHS1970
DVD2844 LondonDVD1994
DVD4030 Long Way Home, TheDVD1997
925V Man, the Measure of All ThingsVHS1970
103V Memory of the CampsVHS1985
DVD827 Memory of the CampsDVD1985
289V Mussolini, Rise and Fall of a DictatorVHS1976
3382V Mussolini: Italy's NightmareVHS1996
1364V Napolean Bonaparte and the Battle of AusterlitzVHS1993
DVD2112 Napoleon BonaparteDVD1999
DVD3717 Napoleon BonaparteDVD
1906V Nation Returns, Nation Returns: GermanyVHS1993
3115V Nationalists, TheVHS1996
987V Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardVHS1955
3588V Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardVHS1955
DVD566 Night and Fog, Nuit et BrouillardDVD1954
DVD1429 Night Mail, West HighlandDVD1936
51V Occupation: 1939-1945VHS1986
48V Once Upon a Time: 1900-1923VHS1986
3170V One Thousand Years of Polish CavalryVHS1989
745V Out of the IceVHS1991
DVD2491 Paris in the 19th CenturyDVD1998
2657V Paris Was a WomanVHS1995
DVD3297 Paris: The Luminous YearsDVD2010
750V Power and FrontiersVHS1991
927V Protest and CommunicationVHS1970
930V Pursuit of Happiness, TheVHS1970
DVD2557 Rape of Europa, TheDVD2006
586V Renaissance, TheVHS1971
924V Romance and RealityVHS1970
3609V ShoahVHS1985
DVD1197 ShoahDVD1985
5063V Silent SongVHS2001
DVD4002 Singing Revolution, TheDVD2007
DVD2063 Soviet Story, TheDVD
4386V Spanish Earth, TheVHS1937
DVD1444 StalingradDVD1993
54V Sweepers of Squares: 1956-1970VHS1986
1856V Terror in the Balkans: The Breakup of YugoslaviaVHS1993
4544V That Justice Be DoneVHS1946
3858V That was the GDRVHS1993
DVD3968 That was the GDRDVD1993
887V This Generation Has No FutureVHS1974
747V Trade, Cities and the Land-Locked SeaVHS1991
DVD4032 Unlikely HeroesDVD2003
767V Vaclav Havel: Leadership in Eastern EuropeVHS1990
2746V Wannsee Conference, TheVHS1987
DVD1445 Wannsee Conference, TheDVD1992
4388V Wartime MomentsVHS
DVD2094 We Are All NeighboursDVD1993
2157V Weapons of the SpiritVHS1988
1847V While America Watched: The Bosnia TragedyVHS1994
891V With Hardship their GarmentVHS1974
1955V Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni RiefenstahlVHS1993
56V Worker's State: 1970-1980VHS1986
885V World to Win, AVHS1974
932V Worship of Nature, TheVHS1970
1943V Yugoslavia: Death of a NationVHS1995
4507V Yugoslavia: The Avoidable WarVHS2001
5062V Zyklon PortraitVHS1999