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HIstory- Asia Film Listing

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3874V Asia Rising, 1951VHS1999
DVD1685 Beyond the Classroom: ChinaDVD2007
DVD858 Burma DiaryDVD1997
DVD1177 China From the InsideDVD
715V China in Revolution: Battle for Survival, 1911-1936VHS1989
716V China in Revolution: Fighting for the Future, 1936-1949VHS1989
4100V China RisingVHS1992
2646V China's Cosmopolitan Age: The TangVHS1992
3681V China, Coming of the WestVHS1977
4023V China: A Century of RevolutionVHS1997
725V China: Contemporary Changes in Historical PerspectiveVHS1990
2037V China: Dynasties of PowerVHS1995
3655V China: The History and the MysteryVHS1996
2070V Fall of Communism, TheVHS1990
1854V Fight for Democracy, TheVHS1992
287V From Czar to Stalin, From Tsar to StalinVHS
2813V Gate of Heavenly PeaceVHS1994
4052V Gate of Heavenly PeaceVHS1995
3873V Great Leap, 1949VHS
4480V Harvest of Despair: The Unknown HolocaustVHS1984
3380V HirohitoVHS1994
5125V Hiroshima-Nagasaki, August 1945, Hiroshima Nagasaki August 1945VHS
2658V History and MemoryVHS1991
3694V In Search of Genghis KhanVHS1991
2812V In the Name of the EmperorVHS
2862V India: From Moghuls to IndependenceVHS1990
1880V India: The Empire of the SpiritVHS1991
4876V Japanese DevilsVHS2000
2991V Joseph Stalin: Red TerrorVHS1996
721V Legacy of the Shoguns, TheVHS1987
2996V LeninVHS1990
2947V Mahatma Gandhi, Twentieth Century ProphetVHS1998
3349V Makiko's New WorldVHS1999
DVD761 Morning Sun, Ba jiu dian zhong de tai yangDVD
2455V Moving the MountainVHS1994
2069V New Russian RevolutionVHS1991
3903V Pacific CenturyVHS1992
DVD1175 Passion of the Mao, TheDVD
722V Proper Place in the World, AVHS1987
DVD978 Public & Private Realms of Rural Wenzhou, ChinaDVD
3383V Rasputin: The Mad MonkVHS1997
DVD2869 Revolutionary, TheDVD2011
2993V Russia's Last Tsar, Russia's Last CzarVHS1994
DVD3448 Russia, Land of the TsarsDVD
4110V Samurai, TheVHS1997
3682V Senso DaughtersVHS1989
2484V Struggle for Russia, TheVHS1994
920V Survivors: Forty Years after HiroshimaVHS1989
720V Sword and the Chrysanthemum, TheVHS1987
2067V Ten Days that Shook the WorldVHS1987
2041V Tibet: The End of TimeVHS1995
717V Tragedy at Tianenmen: The Untold StoryVHS1989
2068V Week that Shook the WorldVHS1991