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History- Ancient Film Listing

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2035V Aegean: Legacy of AtlantisVHS1995
2039V Africa: A History DeniedVHS1995
1362V Alexander the Great and the Battle of IssusVHS1993
DVD505 Ancient CivilizationsDVD2004
2050V Ancient Greece: The Traditions of Greek CultureVHS1994
DVD1940 Ancient Super BallisticDVD
DVD504 Barbarians: The Battle for RomeDVD2002
DVD1947 Battles BCDVD
1928V Black AthenaVHS1991
DVD1941 CarthageDVD
2037V China: Dynasties of PowerVHS1995
746V Colliding Continents and the Age of BronzeVHS1991
DVD503 Colosseum: A Gladiator's StoryDVD2003
3836V Death of Neanderthal ManVHS1998
DVD1363 Decisive Battles. The Ancient WorldDVD2004
2744V Dinosaur!VHS1993
2032V Egypt: Quest for ImmortalityVHS1995
3323V Exploring the Egyptian PyramidsVHS1975
DVD1962 First Olympics, TheDVD1996
922V Frozen World, The, Skin of our TeethVHS1970
2036V Greece: A Moment of ExcellenceVHS1995
4038V Greeks: Crucible of CivilizationVHS1999
5347V History of Ancient Egypt, TheVHS
2040V Inca: Secrets of the AncestorsVHS1995
DVD1948 Journey to 10,000 BCDVD
1363V Julius Caesar and the Battle of AlesiaVHS1993
2043V Macedonia: The Land of a GodVHS1994
3835V Mammoth Hunters, TheVHS1998
1938V Martha Nussbaum: Applying the Lessons of Ancient Greece, Applying the Lessons of Ancient GreeceVHS1988
2033V Maya: The Blood KingsVHS1995
2034V Mesopotamia: Return to EdenVHS1995
2192V Mystery of the MayaVHS1995
4626V Nubia and the Mysteries of the KushVHS2001
745V Out of the IceVHS1991
2859V Role of Theater in Ancient GreeceVHS1989
2038V Rome: The Ultimate EmpireVHS1995
DVD1946 Rome: Rise and Fall of an EmpireDVD2008
2902V Secrets of Lost Empires: Colosseum, ColosseumVHS1997
2903V Secrets of Lost Empires: Obelisk, ObeliskVHS1997
2900V Secrets of Lost Empires: Stonehenge, StonehengeVHS1997
2899V Secrets of Lost Empires: The Pyramid, Pyramid, TheVHS1997
2041V Tibet: The End of TimeVHS1995
DVD1949 True Story of Gladiators, TheDVD2001
DVD2018 True Story of Troy, TheDVD2004