Guidelines for Suggesting a Digital Collection

University Faculty are welcome to suggest a collection from the Columbia campus Libraries’ special collections to be digitized and made available through the Libraries’ web site.

Working  with the Libraries Digital Collections not only ensures that the digitized materials will remain in a  stable environment for long term access, but that they will be made accessible through a reliable, trustworthy, and credible source.

If there are materials (preferably a “collection” of materials as defined by the Library) in the Columbia campus Libraries’ special collections that a faculty member would like scanned and made available online for pedagogical purposes, the Digital Collection Team requests that:

Once the project is defined, the Digital Collections staff will do the scanning, design the web site, and create the metadata following national standards.

The Digital Collections Department would like to work with faculty on projects that are important to their teaching and research; however, the department must balance a small staff between many projects. The department appreciates any help that the faculty can give, such as a long time line and/or a defined outcome.

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