Scanning and Imaging Practices

For general Imaging Best Practices follow the guidelines set by the
Western States Digital Standards Group, Digital Imaging Best Practices,
January 2003. 


Calibrate scanner once a week.

All images should be scanned at no lower than 300ppi and a TIFF version should be saved as a Master copy.

  1. Wash hands and/or apply gloves when required
  2. Turn on Scanner
  3. Turn on Computer
  4. Place item on scanner
  5. Open Photoshop from desktop
    1. Open scanning software
    2. Select correct resolution, bit depth, color, etc., chosen by Project Team
    3. Preview
    4. Scan
  6. Review file in Photoshop for quality
    1. Save as a TIFF in TIFF project folder on the D drive of the computer, using the file scheme set up for the project
    2. While in Photoshop CS, go to file – info and add at least the following information
      1. Add Description
        1. Type in title designated by Project Team and your name as author (scanner)
      2. Add Origin
        1. Created Today (click button)
      3. Save TIFF again
    3. Save as JPEG in JPEG project folder on the D drive
      1. Choose quality level decided upon for the project
  7. Close file
  8. Repeat above for all images
    1. STAY ALERT, PAY ATTENTION to detail, and review work
  9. Move JPEGS to the S drive for Digital Activities Librarian to review and for Metadata Operators to access.
  10. Burn TIFFs to DVD and move them to the storage server.


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