About the South Carolina State Register Collection

About the Collection

According to the South Carolina Legislative Council, the South Carolina State Register, an official state publication, is a temporary update to South Carolina's official compilation of agency regulations--the South Carolina Code of Regulations. Dating back to as far as 1977, the South Carolina State Register is published monthly and contains the executive orders from the office of the Governor, agency notices, and agency notices of drafting regulations. The publication also includes proposed, final and emergency regulations of South Carolina's state agencies in accordance with the South Carolina Administrative Procedures Act (APA), Section 1 23 10 et seq., S.C. Code of Laws, 1976.


This digital project was begun in July 2012 by Charlotte Seaman-Huynh (MLIS, '13) and has been continued by Tabitha Y. Samuel (MLIS, '12/CGS, '13). Seaman-Huynh and Samuel scanned the vast majority of the documents using a Canon imageFORMULA DR-9050C production scanner with Capture Perfect scanning software. Samuel scanned the remaining issues of the State Register that appeared in bound volumes using an iVina A3 Bookedge Scanner. The two also created metadata following the Western States Best Practices Dublin Core format. Finally, Samuel also created the webpage for this collection. The progress and completion of this digital project would not have been possible without the contributions of Pamela Rogers Melton, Associate Director for Library Administration for the Coleman Karesh Law Library, the South Carolina State Library staff members, including, Amanda Stone, Innovation and Digital Librarian, and the Systems Department at Thomas Cooper Library, administrators for the CONTENTdm database.

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