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Creator Name Index

Aa, Pieter van der, 1659-173
Abernethie (engraver)
Allen, W.M.
Atlantic Coast Lumber Company
Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas) 1806-1867
Bachmann, John, active 1849-1885 (cartographer)
Barnes, R. F.
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772 (cartographer)
Berg, G. T.
Bonne, Rigobert, 1727-1794
Boynton, George W. (sculptor)
Burr, David H. 1803-1875
Carolina, Cumberland Gap, and Chicago Railway Company
Clason Map Co.
Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth) 1827-1901
Colton, J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) 1800-1893
Conder, Thomas, 1746 or 1747-1831 (engraver)
Conder, Thomas 1746 or 1747-1831 (sculptor)
Confederate States of America Army Corps of Engineers
Cowley, R. (cartographer)
Covington, J. C.
Cram, George Franklin 1841-1928
Crisp, Edw. (Edward) (surveyor)
Denison, J. (cartographer)
Duval, P. (Pierre), 1619-1682 (cartographer)
E. & G.W. Blunt (Firm)
Eliason, William Alexander, -1839
Faden, William 1749-1836
Fenner, Sears & Co. (engravers and printers)
Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720 (cartographer)
Foster, John G. (John Gray) 1823-1874
France. Dépôt des cartes et plans de la marine
G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.
Georgia-Carolina Map Co.
Graham, Joseph, 1759-1836 (cartographer)
Hayward, George, approximately 1800- (lithographer)
Hinton, John, -1781
Jackson, John B. (John Brinkerhoff) 1862-1920
John McCrady Co.
Johnson, A. J. (Alvin Jewett) 1827-1884
Jones, Requarth and Kelsey
Kitchin, Thomas 1718-1784 (geographer)
Kossak, William (cartographer)
L. Prang & Co.
Lederer, John
Le Rouge, Georges-Louis (geographer)
Lieber, Oscar M. (Oscar Montgomery) 1830-1862 (state geologist)
Lindenkohl, A. (cartographer)
Lloyd, James T.
Lodge, John, -1796 (engraver)
Lodge, John, -1796 (geographer and engraver)
Lodge, John -1796 (sculptor)
Lotter, Tobias Conrad, 1717-1777 (engraver)
Luffman, J. (John) 1756-1846
McClellan, George Brinton 1826-1885
Mills, Robert 1781-1855
Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus) 1792-1868
Moll, Herman, -1732 (geographer)
Morse, Sidney E. (Sidney Edwards) 1794-1871
Mouzon, Henry (cartographer)
Perrine, C. O.  (Charles O.)
Perry, George T.
Petrie, E. (Edmund)
Rollos, G., active 1754-1789 (engraver)
Samson, Joseph, 1815?-1886 (scribe)
Schelten, B. (cartographer)
Senf, John Christian
Shapley, Nicholas (cartographer)
Silver, Thomas (cartographer)
Swanston, George H.
Tanner, Henry Schenck 1786-1858
Tomlinson Engineering Co.
Tomlinson, G. W.  (George W.)
Tuomey, M. (Michael) 1805-1857
United States Coast Survey
United States Post Office Department
University of South Carolina. Cartography Laboratory.
Walker & Abernethie
Walker, William A.
Weyss, J. E. (surveyor)
Williams, W. A., active 19th century
Yeager, Joseph approximately 1792-1859 (engraver)
Yeldell, William H. 1842-1924
Young, J.H. 

Contributor Name Index

A. & J. Macpherson
A. Finley, Philadelphia (publisher)
A. Fullarton & Co., Edinburgh (publisher)
A.J. Johnson, New York (publisher)
Abbot, Frederic V. (Frederic Vaughan) 1858-1928
Abbot, Henry L. (cartographer)
Ackerman Lith., New York (publisher)
Am. Litho. Co., New York (publisher)
American Photo-Lithographic Company, New York (publisher)
Anderson, T. C. (copyist)
Arrowsmith, John 1790-1873
Atlantic and Northwestern Construction Company
Aus der Geographischen Graviranstalt des Bibliographischen Instituts, Hildburghausen (publisher)
Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas) 1806-1867
Bankhead, J. P.
Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig
Bishop, John Soast 1834-1915
Blackford, W. W. (William Willis) 1831-1905 (cartographer)
Boutelle, C. O. (Charles Otis)
Bowen & Co. (lithographer)
Breese, Samuel 1802-1873
Burleson, Albert Sidney 1863-1937
Burrows, R. B.
C.B. Graham, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
C.O. Perrine, Indiana (publisher)
Charles Bowen, Boston (publisher)
City Engineer's Office, Columbia, S.C. (publisher)
Clason Map Co., Chicago (publisher)
Colton, G. Woolworth (George Woolworth) 1827-1901 (cartographer, engraver, and printer)
Colton, J. H. (Joseph Hutchins) 1800-1893
Columbia (S.C.) City Engineering Department
Davis, E. I. (copyist)
Doolittle, Amos 1754-1832 (sculptor)
E. & G.W. Blunt, New York (publisher)
E.R. Jewett & Company (engravers)
Echols, William H. -1909
Edwards, W. S.
Emory, William H. (William Hemsley) 1811-1887
Evans & Cogswell, Charleston, S.C. (publisher and lithographer)
Faden, William 1749-1836
Frank Leslie, New York (publisher)
Frémont, John Charles 1813-1890
G. & W. Endicott (Firm)
G. & W. Endicott Lith., New York (publisher)
G.F. Cram, Chicago (publisher)
G.W. and C.B. Colton & Co., New York (publisher)
Gales and Seaton, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
Gedney, J. F. (printer)
Georgia-Carolina Map Co., Savannah, GA? (publisher)
Government Printing Office, Washington (publisher)
H.S. Tanner, Philadelphia (publisher)
Hamby, T. C.  
Hardcastle, E. L. F. (Edmund Lafayette) 1824-1899
Harper & Bros., New York (publisher)
Harper & Brothers
Harper's Magazine Co., New York (publisher)
Harper's Weekly, New York (publisher)
Hawley, Joseph R. (Joseph Roswell) 1826-1905
Hinton, John -1781
Historic Urban Plans (printer)
Historic Urban Plans, Ithaca, NY (publisher)
Hogg, Alexander active 1778-1819, London (seller)
Howard, O. O. (Oliver Otis) 1830-1909
Hudgins Co., Atlanta, GA (publisher)
I. Bew, Pater Noster Row, London (publisher)
I.T. Hinton & Simpkin & Marshall, London (publisher)
J. Hinton, 1779, London (publisher)
J.H. Colton, New York (publisher)
Jenney, W. L. B. (William Le Baron) 1832-1907
John Arrowsmith, London (publisher)
John Bachmann, New York (publisher)
Johnson & Browning, New York (publisher)
Johnson, John 1829-1907
Julius Bien & Co.
Julius Bien & Co. Lith., New York (publisher)
Key, John Ross 1832-1920 (cartographer)
Kirk, W. J.
Kirkwood & Co., Columbia, S.C. (publisher)
Krebs, Charles G. (lithographer)
L. Prang & Co., Boston (publisher)
Lang & Cooper (printer)
Lindenkohl, A. (cartographer)
Lith. by J. Mayer & Co., Boston (publisher)
Lith. P.S. Duval & Son, Philadelphia (publisher)
Luffman, London (publisher)
Maffitt, John Newland 1819-1886
Meyer, Joseph 1796-1856
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus 1792-1868
Moore, John Hamilton -1807 (cartographer)
Morse and Breese, New York (publisher)
Morse, Jedidiah 1761-1826
Muller, John B. (cartographer)
New York Herald, New York (publisher)
New-York Tribune, New York, N.Y., (publisher)
Norris Peters Co.
Norris Peters Co., Photo-litho, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
P.S. Duval & Co., Philadelphia (publisher)
Post Office Dept., Washington, D.C.? (publisher)
R. Baldwin, London? (publisher)
Railroad Commission of South Carolina
Rand Avery Supply Co. (engravers, publisher)
Rand McNally & Co., Chicago (publisher)
Richland County (S.C.). Board of Education
Rockwell, Cleveland 1837-1907
S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., Philadelphia (publisher)
S.A. Mitchell, Philadelphia (publisher)
Schumann, E. (assistant)
Seib, J. (John)
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh) 1820-1891
South Carolina Historical Magazine, Charleston? (publisher)
Stono Bridge Company, Charleston (publisher)
Taylor, B. F. (copyist)
Taylor, John (owner)
Theilkuhl, F. (assistant)
Thomas & Andrews, Boston? (publisher)
Thomas, Cowperthwaite, & Co., Philadelphia (publisher)
Tomlinson Engineering Co., Columbia, S.C. (publisher)
Tucker & Perkins (photographers)
Turnbull, Wm. (William) 1800-1857
U.S. Coast Survey, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
United States Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
United States Army Military Division of the Mississippi, St. Louis, Mo. (publisher)
United States Coast Survey, Washington, D.C. (publisher)
United States War Department
W. Endicott & Co. (lithographers)
Walker & Abernethie, Charleston S.C.? (publisher)
Walker, Evans & Co., Charleston, S.C. (publisher)
Walker, Evans & Cogswell, Charleston (publisher)
Walter Reuben, Inc., Austin (publisher)
Waters-Son (Firm)
Wislizenus, F. A. (Frederick Adolph) 1810-1889
Young, J. H. (James Hamilton)



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