Government Information Pamphlet Collection

Many thanks to the Government Information Library for suggesting this collection and allowing the Digital Activities Department access to it for scanning. Stewart Baker (MILS 2008) scanned the pamphlets using an Epson Expression 10000 XL scanner and SilverFast scanning software. Stewart scanned the images as color TIFFs at 24-bit and 300 ppi. From the TIFFs he created high quality JPEGs and added preservation metadata to the TIFF and JPEG images. Stewart also created the metadata for the collection and uploaded the JPEGs to CONTENTdm. The metadata records follow the Western States Best Practices Dublin Core format. The TIFFs will be maintained as the archival masters on a SAN server and backed-up to DVD. Furthermore, Stewart designed the web page and added the thumbnails to the library catalog linking the catalog records to CONTENTdm. The work could also not have been done without the help of Tony Branch, of the Systems Department, who is the systems administrator for the CONTENTdm database and helps to manage the computers and scanners in the Digital Activities Department.

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