The Fall Line is a geographic region within South Carolina where the rivers are no longer navigable from the Low Country. This area, which stretches from Cheraw on the Pee Dee River to Hamburg (present day North Augusta) on the Savannah River, yielded experiences and material culture that were characteristic of its peoples. The goods Fall Line citizens made, bought, sold, and used revealed the manner in which they negotiated their surroundings, met their needs, and formed their aspirations. Each Fall Line community, town, and city that developed throughout the region made unique contributions to our state’s tangible history.

From the Pee Dee to the Savannah: Art and Material Culture from South Carolina’s Fall Line Region can be seen in the Lipscomb Gallery at the South Carolina State Museum from September 26 through March 22, 2010.

Duck Hunting Next to a Grist Mill
c. 1855 Oil on canvas

Shop Sign
c. 1870 Enameled metal

View of Columbia
c. 1855 Oil on canvas

Commercial Sign
c. 1890

Charles Duke Stanley and George Rivas
ca. 1880

Homespun Cloth
c. 1850 Wool and cotton blend

Dueling Pistol
c. 1860 Wood and steel

Whitework Counterpane

Effigy Pot
1988 Earthenware

Mexican War Veterans with Major Nathaniel Ridley Evans
ca. 1850