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Japanese Dancers in traditional dress Babe Ruth Franklin D. Roosevelt with Fala
Japanese Dancers Babe Ruth Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fala


In 1999 the University received a $100,000 gift from Historic Films, its North American agent. This gift, along with earlier, smaller gifts, established the Newsfilm Library Endowment for the preservation, organization, and care of its film collections.

Of primary importance and needing urgent attention is its priceless Movietonews collection, given to the University of South Carolina in the early 1980’s by Twentieth Century Fox. Of the 11 million feet given to USC, 7 million remains on nitrocellulose-based (nitrate) film, a highly unstable medium that should be converted to safety film in order to preserve the unique, historical images for posterity.

The Fox Movietonews collection includes all existing outtakes from 1919 – 1934, as well as the complete newsreels and all associated outtakes from the important World War II period of September 1942 through August 1944.

Funds generated from the Newsfilm Library Endowment will be used to preserve Movietonews and other collections, including local television (Columbia’s WIS-TV and WLTX, Florence’s WBTW), the South Carolina Collection depicting life in South Carolina cities and localities (1920s-1960s), The Roman Vishniac Film Collection (a collection of biological organisms photographed by Roman Vishniac, an internationally known scientist), and a variety of home movie collections.

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