John Hammond Moore
Library Acquisitions and Conservation Fund


Dr. John Hammond Moore
Dr. John Hammond Moore

This fund honors Dr. John Hammond Moore and provides support for the acquisition of new materials and conservation of existing holdings at the South Caroliniana Library.

The fund was established in 2006 by Moore's long-time friend Dr. William C. Schmidt, Jr. who said, "John has acted as a friend of, mentor and inspiration to, and resource for, a legion of individuals doing research on Southern and South Carolina history, myself included. His own extensive body of work, made available through publications, public lectures, and personal communications, has considerably advanced knowledge within various areas of South Carolina history.

Dr. William Schmidt, Jr.
Dr. William C. Schmidt Jr.

"Since much of John's work has drawn upon the holdings of the South Caroliniana Library, I could not think of a more fitting way to honor John than by creating a fund in his name to perpetuate and enhance the Caroliniana's collections."

In his 90th year, Dr. Moore remains actively engaged in research and writing.  His most recent works include: When South Carolina Was an Armed Camp: The Reconstruction Essays of Belton O’Neall Townsend (2013), The Voice of Small-Town America: The Selected Writings of Robert Quillen, 1920-1948 (2008), Carnival of Blood: Dueling, Lynching, and Murder in South Carolina, 1880-1920 (2006), and Southern Homefront, 1861-1865 (1998).

Book Cover of Southern Homefront 1861-1865 by John Hammond Moore           Book Cover of The Young Errol Flynn before Hollywood by John Hammond Moore

For more information or to contribute to this fund, please contact us.

Updated:  9/23/2014




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