Flynn T. Harrell Collection

on the Separation of Church and State

Endowment Fund

Flynn HarrellThis fund supports South Carolina Political Collections through the acquisition, processing, and preservation of collections specifically relating to the separation of church and state and, more generally, government and religion.

Flynn T. Harrell

Flynn Harrell is a native of Columbia, South Carolina and a member of the Class of 1956.  His career was spent in finance and government, with twenty-one years as the business/financial officer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.  He was its president in 1987.  He served as executive assistant to South Carolina Attorney General Travis Medlock and on a number of boards and commissions.  Harrell also served as president of the University South Caroliniana Society.

Harrell has dedicated his life to the study and promotion of religious liberty and the separation of church and state, compiling an impressive collection of relevant materials maintained by South Carolina Political Collections.

View the Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State.

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updated 8/23/13

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