Ex Libris Society LogoThe Ex Libris Society recognizes donors who provide invaluable annual donations to support the University Libraries –Thomas Cooper Library, South Caroliniana Library, Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, South Carolina Political Collections, Digital Collections, Music Library, Moving Image Research Collections and Elliott White Springs Business Library.

Donors who contribute $1,000.00 or more annually in support of the University Libraries are enrolled in the Ex Libris Society for the calendar year. Donors may designate their tax-deductible contribution to any of the various funds that benefit the University Libraries. A list of established funds is available at: http://www.sc.edu/library/develop/ce.html.

Donors may also wish to consider creating a new fund or endowment for a specific purpose. Endowments can be established with a minimum contribution of $25,000.00, payable over five years. A fully endowed account will provide a continuous stream of income to support the stated purpose of the fund.
The critical support of the Ex Libris Society ensures continuing vitality for the University Libraries.

null Executive Committee 2013 null

ExLibris Society Committee 2013
Front row: Wilmot Irvin, Past President; Flynn Harrell; Betsy Miller; Jerry Bauknight; Edgar Grissom; Steve Griffith, Vice President; Ken Childs; Lloyd Hendricks; Gary Pope; Reece Williams

Back row: Christine Nicol-Morris, University Libraries Events Coordinator; Jerry Platt; Alex Pappas; John Mark Dean; Ellen Schlaefer; Claude Walker; Tom McNally, Dean of University Libraries; Carol Benfield, Director of Libraries Development

Not pictured: Scott Derrick, President; Don Fowler; Rita Derrick Hayes; Chase Mizzell; Patricia Moore-Pastides
Scott Derrick, President
Steve Griffith, Vice President
Wilmot B. Irvin, Past President
Gerald C. Bauknight
Kenneth L. Childs (Ex officio)
John Mark Dean (Ex officio)
Donald L. Fowler
C. Edgar Grissom
Flynn T. Harrell
Rita Derrick Hayes
Lloyd I. Hendricks
Thomas F. McNally (Ex officio)
Betsy G. Miller
Chase Mizzell (Ex officio)
Alex A. Pappas
Patricia J. Moore-Pastides (Ex officio)
Jerome J. Platt
Gary T. Pope
Ellen Douglas Schlaefer (Ex officio)
Claude M. Walker, Jr.
D. Reece Williams III

Benefits of Recognition:

Ex Libris Society Logo
null 2012 Members null

Mark and Mandy Ackerman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Ackerman
Dr. Stephen H. Ackerman
Bishop John Hurst Adams and Mrs. Adams
Professor John K. Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Ambler
Dr. Mary C. Anderson
Mr. W. Graham Arader III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Ariail
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Aycock

Digitization Materials
Elizabeth Sudduth with the Gibbes-Robinson Catesby

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Barnum
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Barrow
Ms. Elizabeth Bates
Dr. and Mrs. G. Conrad Bauknight, Jr.
Gerald and Catherine Bauknight
Mr. J. Steven Beckham, Jr. and Dr. Gretchen Van Der Veer
Lucy Hampton Bostick Charitable Trust
Ms. Charline M. Brandt
B.H. Breslauer Foundation, Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Brewster
The Honorable Walter J. Bristow, Jr. and Mrs. Bristow
Mrs. Sloan H. Brittain
Mrs. Arlyn F. Bruccoli

Mrs. Ann S. Cargill
Mr. Alec H. Chaplin
Mr. Jeremy Chess
Dr. Joseph Cohen
Corporate Concepts, Inc.
Mrs. Kate Simms Counts
Ms. Mary Beth Crawford
Mr. Timothy J. Culler

Mr. Frank J. Dana
Mr. Christopher W. Daniels
Mr. John H. Daniels, Jr.
Ms. Martha M. Daniels
Ms. Jane Crayton Davis
Mr. John De Neufville
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Deas, Jr.
Dr. C. Warren Derrick, Jr.
Mary and Scott Derrick
Dr. Joseph T. DiPiro
Dr. Helen I. Doerpinghaus and Dr. Wayne C. Kannaday

Digitization Materials
Scott Derrick and Dean Tom McNally

Donald C. Easterling-Edward S. Hallman Foundation
Ms. Martha C. Edens
Mr. Matthew P. Egenes

Ms. Nadeen Fankhauser and Mr. Lawrence R. Miller
Professor and Mrs. Robert L. Felix
Mrs. Aline Allston Ferguson
LCDR and Mrs. Thomas N. Fickling, Jr.
Dean Mary Anne Fitzpatrick and Mr. Roman Kyweluk
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Forrester
Mrs. Marjorie Fritz-Birch
Ms. Felicia De Saussure Furman

Mr. Mark Giambrone
Mrs. Sarah C. Gillespie
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Greiner
Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. Griffith, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. C. Edgar Grissom
Dr. Gilbert S. Guinn and Dr. Susan H. Guinn
Dr. Scott Gwara

Mr. and Mrs. Flynn T. Harrell
Mrs. George Childs Hart
Mr. Robert R. Hatten
The Honorable Rita Derrick Hayes
Ms. Valerie Humphries Heller
Mr. Kirk Henckels
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd I. Hendricks
John and Lucrecia Herr
Mr. David A. Hodges, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Hogue
Mr. James V. Holley
Ms. Rebecca R. Hollingsworth
Mrs. Daniel W. Hollis
Mr. A. Elliott Holman III
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Hopkins, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ozey Horton, Jr.
The Hunt Library Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Haywood B. Hyman, Jr.

Digitization Materials
Conservation Display from Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections

Ms. Beverly J. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. C. Warren Irvin III
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot B. Irvin


Mr. and Mrs. James G. Jackson

Ms. Ellen Speiser Katz
Mr. Jerry A. Kay
Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Kennedy
Dr. James E. Kibler, Jr.
Mrs. Jeanette L. Kimbrough
Dr. Caroline Koblenzer and Dr. Peter J. Koblenzer

Mrs. Francese Larsen
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Layman
Mr. Jeffery M. Leving
Dr. Orrin Lippoff
Lipscomb Family Foundation
Dr. Greta D. Little and Dr. Joel A. Myerson
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lumpkin, Jr.

Dr. Marlene C. Mackey
Mr. J. Henry Mallard, Jr.
Mr. Quentin D. Mallard
Dr. Ann W. Maners and Dr. Alex A. Pappas
Mrs. T. Eston Marchant, Jr.
Dr. Patricia E. Mason and Mr. Don C. Rosick
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Matteson
Ms. Renee T. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McNally
Mr. Nicholas Meriwether
Michelin North America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fred Miller
Mr. and Mrs. M. Hayes Mizell
Ms. Jane Daniels Moffett
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas K. Moore

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Newton

Dr. Elizabeth W. Oakman and Dr. Robert Lee Oakman III
Dr. and Mrs. E. Conyers O'Bryan
Mr. Louis F. O’Neill

Dr. and Mrs. Roger M. Pemberton
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pere
Miss Louise Pettus
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Platt
The Pope-Brown Foundation

Digitization Materials
Lynn Robertson, Ardis Savory, Mary Derrick

Dr. Mary I. Rabon
Miss Helen Ann Rawlinson
Ms. Anne Davis Reid
Keith Revelle
Rice Music House
The William L. Richter Family Foundation
Ms. Lynn Robertson
Mrs. Susan Gibbes Robinson*
Dr. Karen L. Rood
Mr. R. Lewis Ropp
Rothstein & Company, LLC
Dr.* and Mrs. G. Ross Roy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Russell, Jr.
Ms. Ruth Bowman Russell

Mr. Hemrick N. Salley, Jr.
Ms. Ardis M. Savory
Mr. William C. Schmidt, Jr.
Ms. M. Faye Schultz
Dr. Patrick Scott and Dr. Mary Jane Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Shaw
Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Shealy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Shorey
Mr. John G. Simms, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy D. Smith*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Mladen Solar
Ms. Donna I. Sorensen
Dr. Stanley A. South
Dr. Allen H. Stokes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sudduth III
Ms. Shawn D. Sudia-Skehan and Mr. Paul S. Skehan
Dr. Marcia G. Synnott and Dr. W. Edwin Sharp

Digitization Materials
Robert Felix, Nancy Layman, Fred Miller, Judith Felix, Betsy Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor
TD Bank, N.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey S. Teal
Thomas Cooper Society
Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Thomas
Thad and Judy Timmons
University South Caroliniana Society

Mr. and Mrs. James Verlaque
Ms. Amelia W. Vernon

Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Walker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Walters III
Ms. Joan Simms Wanner
Ms. Nancy H. Washington
Mr. Marvin R. Watson
Watson-Brown Foundation
The West Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. William C. Westmoreland
Mr. Michael J. Wetherington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Whiteman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wickenheiser
Mr. and Mrs. D. Reece Williams III
Carol and John* Winberry
Mr. Chester A. Wingate
Ms. Jeanie Woods
Mrs. Harriette D. Wunder and Mr. Phil C. Wunder

Dr. Martha Jane K. Zachert
Mr. Bob Zager

Anonymous Donor

* In memoriam


View the program from the Ex Libris Society Annual Reception and Dinner honoring 2011 donors held on November 8, 2012.

For additional information, please contact the University Libraries Development Office at (803) 777-5564 or visit http://library.sc.edu/develop/cu.html.

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