The Michael S. Smith and Carol A. Smith European History Library Fund

Michael and Carol Smith
Michael and Carol Smith

Thomas Cooper Library's collection of materials pertaining to European history has been and will continue to be enhanced greatly through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Smith. They have established both the Michael S. Smith and Carol A. Smith European History Library Fundand the Michael S. Smith and Carol A. Smith European History Collection. Proceeds from the Fund are used to acquire materials on the post-1500 history of Europe, both in English and in other European languages, which are placed in the Smith European History Collection.

Smith Collection Bookplate

The Smith Library Fund has already provided the library with several dozen needed titles. In addition, the Smith Collection has been enriched by recent gifts of books and serials from Dr. Smith's professional library. Among these are rare copies of the early years of the serial L'Année politique, 1874-1905, an important source on French political history.

The Smith Library Fund, and the Collection which the Fund supports, are gifts from the Smiths which will greatly benefit the library's acquisition of European history materials. Additionally, the Smiths have made a provision in their estate plan to provide funds which will permanently support the Collection.

Michael and Carol Smith

Both Michael and Carol Smith have long-time ties to the University. Dr. Smith is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the Department of History and Mrs. Smith retired after many years as public information director for the School of Medicine.

Concerning the establishment of this fund, Dr. Smith said, "Over the years, I came to understand that Thomas Cooper Library did a very good job of acquiring English-language books and journals on modern European history through its normal budgeting and acquisitions procedures. However, books in foreign languages tended to be acquired only when faculty made specific requests and then only when money was available. By the same token, money was often unavailable to acquire microform collections and other expensive materials to support faculty research in European history. So the basic purpose of the funds is to provide money for these materials beyond whatever is available in the normal library budget.

"In the near future, we expect the money in the fund to go mainly for books in post-1500 European history, especially foreign language books. As the nature of publishing evolves and as more and more materials are 'digitalized' and become available on-line, the focus of the funds will undoubtedly evolve as well. But, notwithstanding the predictions of 'universal access' and 'free information,' there will likely always be costs for the library to gain and maintain access to materials necessary for the study of history. It is our hope that, whatever the circumstances, the funds will be there to insure that materials for the study of European history will not be overlooked and will continue to be available to faculty and students at USC."

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