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No element is more critical to a university than its libraries--providing, as they do, the essential raw materials for scholarship. As the University Libraries continue their outstanding growth, additional funds are needed to strengthen existing endowments as well as to support the acquisition of new collections, to preserve current holdings, and to provide increased electronic resources. A gift to a library fund or endowment is a gift to the entire University and to the community as a whole. To provide permanent recognition of particularly generous gifts, Naming Opportunities are also available.

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Areas of Support

Materials must constantly be purchased to meet the demands of the University's evolving curriculum and research needs. From a few thousand books, the University's holdings now reach into the millions. The Thomas Cooper Library, South Caroliniana Library, and Music, Mathematics, Business, and Film Libraries enrich the campus with books, journals, periodicals, maps, documents, films, and video tapes totaling more than seven million items.
Electronic Resources
For years, USC has been a leader in the use of information technology through its pioneering work in distance education, its on-line library catalog, and electronic academic databases. Today, a computer network brings the resources of the libraries to students and faculty at their desktops and lab sites across the state, and new technologies are emerging that will transform the nature of higher education in the twenty-first century. Digitization of existing material and electronic database purchases are part of every modern library's ongoing expenses.
Gifts in Kind
Contributions of books, manuscripts, papers, and other materials allow the libraries to build their collections.
The University's commitment to the conservation of materials covers items as old as 15th-century maps, the first three books purchased by the University in 1802, and Twentieth Century Fox Movietonenews film reels that document the nation's history and culture during the first half of the twentieth century. The ravages of time, moisture, and a host of other enemies will reduce our treasured resources to dust if they are not carefully tended by experts who understand their value, know how to preserve them, and keep them accessible.

General Library Endowments and Funds

John Shaw Billings Library Endowment
For major acquisitions of long-range significance.
Alec H. Chaplin Library Endowment
Provides funds for the University Libraries.
Arthur Elliott Holman, Jr., Acquisition and Preservation Endowment
For the purchase and preservation of materials related to the Episcopal Church, music and the arts, Anderson County, and other aspects of South Carolina history.
Arthur E. Holman, Jr. Conservation Laboratory Endowment Fund
Provides support for the ongoing operation of the conservation laboratory.
Katherine Otis and Bruce Oswald Hunt Biography Collection Endowment
To purchase biographical materials for Thomas Cooper Library general collections, South Caroliniana Library, the Irvin Department or Rare Books and Special Collections, and Moving Image Resource Collections.
Library Archive and Research Fund
To support research and preservation at the Thomas Cooper and South Caroliniana Libraries.
NEH Grant Endowment
To support the acquisition and preservation of humanities materials and to encourage research in this area.
Robert I. and Swannanoa Kenney Phillips Libraries Endowment
To enhance the University Libraries' holdings in British and American literature and culture.
Nancy Pope Rice and Nancy Rice Davis Library Treasure Endowment
For special and significant acquisitions in a timely fashion for the University Libraries.
Donna I. Sorensen Endowment Fund for Southern Women in the Arts
Supports library acquisitions pertaining to Southern women in the arts.  
John N. Olsgaard Library Renovation Endowment Fund
Provides for the maintenance and enhancement of the University Libraries' buildings.
War Years Library Acquisition Endowment Fund
For materials related to World War II.

Thomas Cooper Library Endowments and Funds

Charles and Donna Bricker Endowment
For general advancement and expansion of the Thomas Cooper Library.
Class of 1958 Collaborative Learning Laboratory Fund
Provides for the renovation and continued support of the Cooper Technology Lounge at Thomas Cooper Library. The Lounge is the largest computer lab on campus and contains flexible learning spaces for students.
Class of 2008 Fund
Supports the unrestricted needs of the Library. Gifts to the Fund will be transferred annually to the Library Fund.
Class of 2009 Fund
Supports the unrestricted needs of the Library such as renovating spaces and acquiring materials.
Class of 2010 Fund
Supports the unrestricted needs of the Library such as renovating library study spaces, acquiring electronic journals, and purchasing Smart Boards and laptop computers.
Irene Borchardt Hawley Map Library Acquisitions Endowment at Thomas Cooper Library
Provides for the purchase of cartographic materials for the Map Library, Thomas Cooper Library.
Lou and Beth Holtz Library Endowment for Undergraduate Resources at the Thomas Cooper Library
To provide for the addition of library materials and resources for undergraduate students and to encourage athletic and academic partnerships.
The Michael S. Smith and Carol A. Smith European History Library Fund
Created to enhance and enlarge the library's current holdings in European history.
digital collection Thomas Cooper Library Science and Mathematics Journals Endowed Funddigital collection
Assists in offsetting the increasing costs of journals for the Thomas Cooper Library in the fields of science and mathematics.
Thomas Cooper Society Endowment
To provide support for the Thomas Cooper Library.
USC Literary Festival Endowment Fund
Provides for an annual literary Festival attended by prominent writers and conducted by the College of  Liberal Arts, the English Department and the Thomas Cooper Library.
Deloris and David Zeigler Library Endowment for Nursing
Provides for the acquisition of books and materials to enhance the Thomas Cooper Library’s Nursing collection.

Hollings Special Collections Library Endowments and Funds

Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library Fund
Provides support for the unrestricted needs of the Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library, which will be the new home for South Carolina Political Collections and Rare Books and Special Collections.

Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections Endowments and Funds

Ethelind Pope Brown Natural History Library Endowment
For the preservation and acquisition of materials pertaining to natural history.
Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Special Collections Acquisitions Fund at Thomas Cooper Library
Provides support for an acquisitions fund for Special Collections that enhance the Bruccoli collections and/or areas of interest.
Class of 1956 Rare Books Library Endowment
To provide financial support for Rare Books and Special Collections.
Barbara L. and David M. Graham Acquisition Endowment
Used for preservation and acquisitions that will benefit the Irvin Department of Rare Books and Special Collections.
Edward S. Hallman American Literature Endowment
Provides for the acquisition of American Literature to support and enhance Special Collections, Thomas Cooper Library.
C. Warren Irvin, Jr., and Josephine B. Irvin Endowment
For the purchase of materials related to the life and works of Charles Darwin.
K.D. Kennedy, Jr. Robert Burns Library Endowment
To provide support for the Robert Burns Collection.
Davy-Jo Ridge Library Fund
Supports the acquisition, preservation, and display of materials on the natural history of the Americas, with emphasis on the life and works of John James Audubon.
The G. Ross Roy and Lucie C. Roy Scottish Literature Fund
Supports the use, development, preservation, and recognition of the G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns and Scottish Literature in the Libraries.
George D. Terry Library Building Fund
To support the Rare Books and Special Collections area in the Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library.
Travel/Research Fund for Studies in the History of Natural History
Founded to strengthen the study of natural history at the University of South Carolina and to foster understanding and awareness of the natural history collections in the University's Libraries
University Libraries Treasure Acquisitions Program Fund (TAP)
Provides timely support when opportunities occur to acquire significant materials that will enhance the Libraries' Special Collections holdings.

South Caroliniana Library Endowments and Funds

Robert and May Ackerman Library Fund
Provides for the acquisition of materials to benefit the South Caroliniana Library, including manuscripts, printed materials, and visual images.
Elizabeth Boatwright Coker Graduate Assistantship at South Caroliniana Library
For the advancement of graduate student training in the Applied History Program, in conjunction with the South Caroliniana Library.
Orin F. Crow South Caroliniana Library Endowment
For the purchase and preservation of materials related to South Carolina.
Jane Crayton Davis Preservation Endowment for South Caroliniana Library
To restore the unique holdings of the South Caroliniana Library.
William Foran Memorial Fund
For the purchase of materials related to the Civil War and Reconstruction.
John C. Hungerpiller Library Research Fund
This fund is used for expenses to conduct research and preserve the papers of Mr. Hungerpiller and for acquisition of materials for South Caroliniana Library.
Lewis P. Jones Research Fellowship in South Carolina History
To support summer fellowships for research in South Carolina history.
The Lumpkin Foyer Endowment Fund at the South Caroliniana Library
Provides support for enhancement and maintenance of the Lumpkin Foyer as well as unrestricted support for the Library.
Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod and First Lady Elizabeth Alford McLeod Research Fellowship Endowment
Provides support for research at South Caroliniana Library to encourage the study of post-Civil War politics, government, and society, with an emphasis on South Carolina history.
William Davis Melton University Archives Graduate Assistantship at the South Caroliniana Library
Provides support for a graduate assistant in the University Archives Department at the South Caroliniana Library.
John Hammond Moore Library Acquisitions and Conservation Fund
Provides support for the acquisition of new materials and conservation of existing holdings at South Caroliniana Library.
William Gilmore Simms Visiting Research Professor Endowment
To support scholarship based on the publications and manuscripts by Simms held in the South Caroliniana Library.
Ellison Durant Smith Research Award for the South Caroliniana Library
Provides annual research awards for scholars seeking to conduct research at the South Caroliniana Library on government, politics, and society since 1900.
South Caroliniana Library Fund
A discretionary fund used for acquisitions.
South Caroliniana Library Oral History Fund Endowment
Supports the activities and programs of the Oral History Program, including equipment, supplies, staff, student training, and publications as administered by the South Caroliniana Library.
South Caroliniana Library Portrait Conservation Endowment
Provides support for the maintenance and conservation of the Library's portrait collection, including portraits of individuals who helped shape the history of our state.
Southern Heritage Endowment
To support scholarship and protect materials related to Southern history and culture (in conjunction with the McKissick Museum).
Allen Stokes Manuscript Development Fund
Provides for the acquisition of new materials and the preservation of existing materials housed in the Manuscripts Division of South Caroliniana Library.
Louise Irwin Woods Fund
Provides for internships, fellowships, graduate assistantships, stipends, program support, preservation and/or acquisitions at the South Caroliniana Library.

Elliot White Springs Business Library Endowments and Funds

Everette H. Newman Business Library Endowment
Supports the Business Library through acquisition of business reference sources and increased electronic access.
The Wells Fargo Business Library Endowment Fund
Provides funds for continuing subscriptions to key electronic business resources.

Moving Image Research Collections Endowments and Funds

Newsfilm Library Endowment
Funds used for the preservation, organization, and care of its film collections.

Music Library Endowments and Funds

The J. K. Adams Fund for French Music
John Kenneth Adams, School of Music Distinguished Professor Emeritus, established the John Kenneth Adams French Music fund at the Music Library in 2003. This fund provides for the acquisition, preservation, and programming of French music.
James B. Meriwether Music Library Endowment
To support the James B. Meriwether Arturo Toscanini Collection and related collections held by the Music Library. 
The Music Library Fund
The Music Libary Fund provides unrestricted support of the Music Library. 
Digital Sheet Music Collection Fund
Provides support for the maintenance and expansion of an online database that catalogs and showcases the sheet music from the Music Library's collections.
Dorothy K. Payne Music Library Endowment
Provides funds for the Music Library through acquisitions and preservation of materials and support of programs.

South Carolina Political Collections Endowments and Funds

Class of 1956 Donald S. Russell Lectureship for South Carolina Political Collections
Provides financial support for a guest lecturer to speak on topics relevant to the holdings of the South Carolina Political Collections.
William Jennings Bryan Dorn Endowment for South Carolina Political Collections
Supports expensive preservation work on the Dorn Collection, a research awards program, and graduate assistantships in South Carolina Political Collections and other related projects.
Flynn T. Harrell Collection on the Separation of Church and State Endowment Fund
Provides support for the acquisition, processing, preservation of, and research in collections specifically related to religious liberty and its corollary, the separation of church and state.
Donald H. Holland Endowment Fund to Support South Carolina Political Collections
Provides support for programs of the collection and the Donald H. Holland collection.
Ernest F. Hollings Special Collections Library Fund
Supports the activities of the Ernest F. Hollings Library for Political Research and Policy Study, and supports and promotes the Ernest F. Hollings Collection of the South Carolina Political Collections.
The Schuyler L. and Dr. Yvonne R. Moore Endowment to Support South Carolina Political Collections
  Supports the training and education of archivists through internships, assistantships and post-graduate employment.
Republican Endowment to Support South Carolina Political Collections
Supports collections with Republican holdings by helping fund student assistants to process these holdings and also outreach efforts to encourage research on Party history and its leaders and members.
Republican Pioneers Seminar Room Fund
Provides support for construction of the new Hollings Special Collections Library to include but not limited to furnishings, equipment, and improvements.
South Carolina Political Collections Development Fund
Supports staff attendance at meetings of historians, archivists, educators and others, and promotes the division as a national leader among legislative repositories.
South Carolina Political Collections Endowment
Supports the work of South Carolina Political Collections unit in general. Currently, endowment income funds several graduate assistantships annually. As the endowment grows, income will also be used for research awards to encourage the study of the division's holdings, exhibits, staff development, and other activities designed to promote the division and enhance its ability to collect, preserve, and make available manuscript collections relating to contemporary government.
John C. West Endowment Fund
Supports South Carolina Political Collections, including funding assistantships, preservation projects, and outreach efforts.
John C. West South Carolina Political Collections Office Fund
Provides support for the Hollings Special Collections Library for the construction of the new Library to include but not limited to furnishings, equipment, and improvements.

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