The Matthew J. and Arlyn Bruccoli Special Collections Acquisitions Fund

Mrs. Matthew Bruccoli, Dr. Matthew Bruccoli, Dr. George Terry
Mrs. Matthew J. (Arlyn) Bruccoli, Dr. Matthew J. Bruccoli, 
Dr. George Terry (then Vice-Provost for Libraries)

The Matthew J. and Arlyn F. Bruccoli Special Collections Acquisitions Fund was established in 2003 by an anonymous donor in order to honor two of the University Libraries’ long-time supporters, Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Bruccoli. The University’s Rare Books and Special Collections have been immeasurably enriched through the donation of materials and funding over the years by the Bruccolis, and this Fund provides support for acquisitions of items that enhance the Bruccoli collections and/or areas of interest.

Areas of scholarship which have been the focus of this fund in the past and will continue to be in the future include:

Among items purchased from this fund has been F. Scott Fitzgerald’s copy of Departmental Ditties, by Rudyard Kipling, with Fitzgerald’s marginalia and a Kipling poem written out in Fitzgerald's hand (as pictured below).

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s copy of Departmental Ditties, by Rudyard Kipling, with Fitzgerald’s marginalia and a poem written out in his hand


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