Cooper Technology Lounge

Cooper Technology Lounge Renovation

The renovation of the Cooper Technology Lounge has begun with completion scheduled for late Fall 2009. This project, made possible by a generous gift from the Class of 1958, will create a more collaborative computing environment for USC students.

Computer help, PCs and Laptop check-out are available on Level 3 in the Temporary Computing Lab. MACs are available in the East Gallery to the left of the front door on theMain Level.

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149 computers have been relocated to the Levels 3, 4 and Main with print stations available on each level during the renovation:

COMPUTER HELP is available on Level 3 in the Temporary Computing Lab and in the East Gallery on the Main Level (hours TBA).

PRINTING is available in all public computing areas of the Library

PRINT JOBS can be sent to the following printers and picked up at those locations:

Library LAPTOP check-out - To check out a Library laptop, go to the Temporary Computing Lab on Level 3

PERSONAL LAPTOP wireless configuration - To have your personal laptop set-up to use the Library's wireless network, go to the Temporary Computing Lab on Level 3

Specialized software and scanning - Scanning/Photoshop/SAS/SPSS will be available in the Level 3 Temporary Computing Lab

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