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After the Dream After the Dream: Black and White Southerners Since 1965

Timothy J. Minchin and John A. Salmond


Tim Minchin

Professor and scholar from Australia

Getting to the Hollings Library isn’t easy for Tim Minchin -- Melbourne, Australia to Columbia, South Carolina isn’t exactly a 20-minute drive.

So why has he made the trip three times?

To use the South Carolina Political Collections (SCPC).

“I visited SCPC for the first time back in the 1990s when I was a graduate student,” Minchin explained in his native English lilt that’s now tinged with a little Aussie.

“I was here again in 2008 when I was researching my book on the effects of the American civil rights movement, After the Dream, which was published earlier this year.”

Now doing research for what will be his ninth book, Minchin is a history professor at La Trobe University in Melbourne. His research interests are in 20th-century American history, and he’s in the United States visiting several political archives. This latest project is a study of the decline of the textile manufacturing industry in the United States.

“At SCPC, I used the Senator Ernest F. Hollings and Representative Butler Derrick papers,” he said. “These are invaluable to my research, and you can’t find them elsewhere.

“Derrick was the chief writer of a 1987 textile bill. I looked at a lot of documents related to that bill, including correspondence. I also looked at similar records from the Hollings papers. Both of these men were instrumental in trying to protect the textile industry in the South.”

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