Business instruction is focused on preparing students not only for academic research related to assignments, but also for the research that will be required as a productive business professional in the workplace.

Additionally, business instruction may be beneficial to faculty for their own research or in helping design meaningful classroom assignments that make use of library resources and services. We specialize in knowing what the library has available to support your teaching. Working with us can ensure that you do not ask students to use outdated or unavailable resources.


Course-Related Instruction

Business librarians are available for instruction sessions both in the classroom and in the Business Library (for small groups only). Instruction may be general, such as how to use business databases, search tips, evaluating resources for accuracy and validity, and proper documentation to avoid plagiarism. We can also tailor sessions to a specific project, such as how to find company financial statements, market and industry research, organizational structure in companies, or other topics. If there is computer access in the classroom, we will introduce the students to electronic resources.

Faculty Research Sessions

Instructional services may also be developed for faculty and conducted in your office. You may be interested in learning how to use a new business database or how to aggregate data from multiple business resources for your research. Business librarians are also able to assist in designing classroom assignments that will benefit students and make use of library resources and services.

Student Research Consultations

Research consultations offer assistance tailored to individual research needs. Examples of what consultations can help with:

  • selecting the best resources for your research area/assignment
  • accessing and navigating electronic resources
  • developing search strategies
  • discovering and locating primary source materials
  • searching the web for relevant and reliable information

Contact Information:
To schedule an instruction session, please contact us at least a week prior to the desired date for your session.
Kathy Snediker, Interim Head
Emily Doyle, Business Librarian





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