Partnership/coordination between libraries

Sometimes, a library patron may not be able to find the book or article they want at their particular library.

This is what Interlibrary Loan is for! We can find books that are not available in our library’s catalog at another library or institution!

When you cannot find a book in our stacks, you can place a request with us. After locating places that have the book available, we send out your request to other libraries, usually three to five at a time, and try to borrow the books from these institutions.

Some books are harder to find, if they are rare or new. We do our best to get any book or article you are looking for, and if there is any reason we can’t find the book, we send a detailed cancellation note as to why we couldn’t find the item.

Before you place a request, it helps us if you make sure the item is not in our catalog. At times, patrons may accidentally place an ILL request with us, when the book has been in our catalog and doesn’t need to be ordered through another library. Also, we do not order textbooks or any assigned reading for classes.

The institutions we work with do their best to reply to us as soon as possible, and they work hard to ship books to us on time. If you are associated with our school and need to order anything you cannot find at Thomas Cooper Library, consider using our services. We will do everything we can for you!

Contributed by Brian Barr