Volume 4, 1831-1832

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Page 12 – Describing a solar eclipse.

Saturday 12th Clear generally & cold. T. at 30°. The Eclipse of the Sun took place today at 12 Oclock, as so much had been said of it in the Papers &c. H. & myself were much surprised that the observation was a trifling; It was somewhat similar to the sun under a cloudy, only that the light was singular. Henny is Two years old today.

Page 112 – Describing moving his family to Pineville for the summer.

Saturday 19th Cloudy with a little rain early & misty throughout the day; We however started our waggon & Mr. Sinklers, which he loaned me, & followed after ourselves; We as usual forgot many things & found it extremely troublesome & vexatious.

We brought our Cat Polly. Henny was delighted with the idea of coming to Pine Ville, but appeared to be disappointed. We are all somewhat at a loss in a house much larger than the one we have been accustomed to. I left Bream to take care of the things at home & Sary’s Ceasar to keep him company.

Page 118 – Describing setting up his garden in Pineville and his use of a subscription library.

Thursday 7th Clear & very cool T. at 62° cool all day. I have been working all day at a garden which I am building here, it is about 25 feet square. I got the Posts from Clark some time ago.

I am reading Novels from the Library; I have applied for a temporary licence to use the Books. The charge is $1 pr. month.

Pages 146 and 147 – Describing moving into his new house at Buck Pond plantation.

Saturday 10th Clear & quite cold. The wagon came here early & by incessant work we got off by 2 Oclock both wagon & Carriage well loaded. We could not bring every thing we wished, so the wagon goes again on tomorrow Monday; Buck Pond, we arrived here about 5 Oclock, & had to put up with many inconveniences; The sashes are all up, but not one glazed, nevertheless the colds are better except mine which attacked me last night.

Sunday 11th…I am sensible of a pleasurable feeling in being in a house of my own, which I never felt before. We are both pleased with the house…The Kitchen is not done, the cooking is done in the overseers. Henny & Emmy have been in fine spirits. The Stable has only two Stalls fitted up & the Carriage house has no Door, it is otherwise done, except the steps.