Volume 2, 1828-1829

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Page 43 – Describing the birth of his second daughter, Henrietta Eleanor Thomas (1829–1917).

Harriet was taken, with slight pains yesterday, about sundown, which increased so much, after we went to bed, that I sent for Mrs. Kirk, & old Peggy. Mrs. K. came about 1 Oclock & Peggy in the morning early. Harriet’s pains continued at regular intervals, regularly increasing until Five minutes before 2 Oclock P.M. when she was delivered of a very large & healthy looking, Girl, to my great disappointment & sorrow. She suffered a great deal, & after the labour was completed, & during its completion, underwent so great a degree of hemorrhage as to put her life in great danger, & it is but now that she says, that she feels better. She is however not yet free of dangerous symptoms. She has declared that she will not have another.

Page 62 – Account of the trial of four enslaved man named for attempting to poison Dr. [Daniel] Cain (d. 1829).

Wednesday 25th Rather cloudy all day, but cool. The children well. The Baby fretted less than usual. Heard today the result of the trial of some negroes, charged with an attempt to poison Dr. Cain last Fall. His own Fellow Frank, the principal was tried a week ago & condemned to be hung at the Eutaws on the first April, he accused, as accessories, Mrs. Kirks fellow Romeo, Mr. Benoit’s Lary & the Est. E. Couturier’s William; They were tried at Mr. Benoit’s yesterday & the day before. William was whipped & croped Romeo & Lary were sent to Town this morning to be sold, out of the state.

Page 65 – Describing the execution of Frank mentioned in the above entry.

Wednesday 1st Clear, with passing clouds & quite warm. The early morn was pleasant. About sundown a most threatening cloud arose in the West, with sharp lightning, growling Thunder & some wind, there was however, but little rain. I yesterday cleaned & fixed up my Barometer & it commenced this morning to veer towards rain. Dr. Cain’s fellow Frank, was hung today at the forks of the road, a little below this, I went there & saw all the preparations, but came away before he was hung; his countenance did not express the dread & horror that I expected, but in fact he said that he expected to be pardoned. Many people were there, for the most part overseers & over the roads. Mr. Marion alone had his Negroes there.

Page 106 – Describing how his family intends to escape the mosquitos during the night.

Wednesday 17th Clear & very warm all day. Mosquitoes becoming very bad. H. fixed up, her Pavilion today. As Anne, (who sleeps on the floor) has none, I have given up my place to her, & intend to sleep on the floor myself. Henny seems to have got well, H. began today with short frocks. I have now very little business, I generally employ myself at home in reading the history of England & in picking some very bad cotton, brought from the place & intended for a matrass for Anne, her bedstead has been ready for a long time. Made by Pompey, price $3.