Digitizing the William D. Workman Jr. Papers Photographs: Second Phase Well Under Way

As of my last update, we had completed the first phase of our NHPRC-funded grant project (arrangement, description, and rehousing) and had begun the second phase (digitization). At that time, I had already finished scanning and creating metadata for over 400 photographs. In the past month, that number has grown to 1,600, including all of the slides, prints, scrapbook pages, and oversize prints that will be part of the digital collection. Only about 1,400 negatives remain to be scanned for the collection. We plan to make the first 500 of images available next week. We will then continue making these images available in sets of about 500, and plan to have a second batch of materials posted by mid-April.

Collection Highlight:

“Oil Well near Bucksport. Horry County, August 5, 1947”

Post and highlight selection by Mae Howe


Top to bottom: black-and-white illustration of eagle statue, text: "National Archives," divider, text: "National Historical Publications and Records Commission."Reprocessing and digitization of the William D. Workman, Jr. Papers photographs has been made possible by a grant from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission.

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