Mock Election Results!

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The official returns of the SCPC Mock Election are in!

Unlike the actual Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton won a resounding victory in our informal mock election with 78.13% of the vote. Donald Trump came in second place with 12.5% of the vote, while Evan McMullin had half that percentage at 6.25%. Gary Johnson received one vote, making it 3.13% of the total.

The mock election took place using a vintage Votamatic machine donated to SCPC by Congressman Joe Wilson, the same type of machine that was at the center of the contentious Florida recounts in 2000. Proving that even today this machine can cause uncertain results, SCPC actually had one ballot that we were unsure how to count. There was a dimple in the ballot by Trump’s name (a “pregnant chad” in the terminology from the 2000 election), but the hole by Clinton’s that was fully punched through. We counted this ballot for Clinton in our tally.

The Election Day exhibit will stay up through the end of November, with a new ballot question to vote on.  Stay tuned!

mock election returns

The Returns!

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