iPRES 2015

I recently attended the 12th International Conference on Digital Preservation, also known as iPRES 2015. Over 300 people from around the world gathered on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to discuss a variety of issues related to digital preservation.

Since starting as SCPC’s Digital Initiatives Archivist in April, I’ve spent a lot of time working on getting the basics of our digital preservation program in place. This has included drafting accessioning procedures, researching and requesting hardware, ingesting born-digital materials, and preparing information to share with our donors about managing and (eventually) transferring their born-digital records to us.

Refer to caption.

SCPC’s electronic records workstation and USB write blocker.

Attending iPRES gave me an opportunity to think more about our long-term goals and learn how to work towards them more efficiently and effectively. Particularly thought-provoking were a full-day tutorial on ways to make progress towards becoming a Trustworthy Digital Repository and a “Policy and Practice Documentation Clinic” session. Santi Thompson, a University of South Carolina alumnus and former SCPC Graduate Assistant, presented a paper titled “Preserving the Fruit of Our Labor:  Establishing Digital Preservation Policies and Strategies and the University of Houston Libraries” that I also found particularly relevant. There were many interesting and inspiring paper and poster presentations, demos, and other sessions in addition to the standouts mentioned above. The official conference proceedings will be posted on the International Conference on Digital Preservation’s website.

The information and ideas that I’ve brought back from the conference will help me improve SCPC’s digital preservation program, and will hopefully also ultimately benefit broader digital preservation efforts within the University Libraries.

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