Some Brief Reflections: Relationships with Donors

This is very self-indulgent, but I recently went through a stack of my own photos, and thought to share some, reflecting on the people I have had the pleasure to serve over the years.  Following are some favorites, in approximate chronological order.  I don’t regret losing weight but I’d love to have some hair back.

HH001 with Fritz & Peatsy Hollings, April 2000The ever elegant Peatsy Hollings with the Senator.  Many Hollings staffers refer to Hollings as “the Boss,” and that is how I always think of him;

HH002 with Isadore LourieIsadore Lourie, in almost every photo I’ve ever seen, he was smiling;

HH003 with Floyd SpenceFloyd Spence pledged his papers the day we first contacted him;

HH004 with John West, May 2000John West often recalled his early life on the farm, where he worked from dawn to dusk, or as he phrased it, “from can’t see to can’t see;”

HH006 with Wm WestmorelandDean of Libraries George Terry asked me to solicit General William Westmoreland’s papers.  Five years later, I had a great adventure in bringing the collection to the Caroliniana;

HH005 with Bryan Dorn, 2004For years, Steve Griffith and I visited Bryan Dorn each year, just before Christmas;

HH008 with Carroll Campbell, March 2004I met Carroll Campbell after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  When Dean of Libraries Paul Willis and I visited his home to pick up his papers, Gov. Campbell helped load our van.  When I objected to him carrying the heavy boxes, Mrs. Campbell accurately noted “Well, he’s the most fit.”  And it was true;

HH007 with John SprattJohn and Jane Spratt have proven to be ideal donors.  Here I am twisting his arm hoping he will pledge his papers to SCPC.

Herb Hartsook

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