Goldwater Nomination Speeches from the 1960 Republican National Convention (Arizona State University)

Arizona State University Libraries holds the Barry Goldwater papers.  Rob Spindler and his excellent staff at their department of Archives and Special Collections, at our request, recently digitized NBC’s coverage of speeches made at the 1960 Republican National Convention nominating Goldwater for President.


Barry Goldwater (LIFE magazine)

Viewers will enjoy commentators Chet Huntley and David Brinkley and hear seconding speeches by Gov. Paul Fannin of Arizona, Cong. Bruce Alger of Texas, our own Gregory D. Shorey, Roy Houck of South Dakota, and Cong. John Rhodes of Arizona.  Finally, they will hear a stirring speech by Goldwater as he withdrew his name in favor of Richard Nixon.

Goldwater’s powerful speech presents a strong case for the conservative wing of the Party.  The newscasters noted that South Carolina and Arizona delegates “seemed to lead” the Goldwater demonstration on the Convention floor.  In his dynamic seconding speech, Shorey called Goldwater, “the most courageous legislator of our time.”

The hour long program can be seen at this link

Contributed by Herb Hartsook

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