Congress Week Exhibit: Early Congressmen and women in South Carolina

In celebration of Congress Week, I was designated to design our monthly exhibit for April, to be centered around early Congressional elections. This topic gave me a broad variety of collections to choose from, and a variety of approaches to take. I decided to work with our three earliest Congressional collections. My aim in assembling this exhibit was to demonstrate the broad range of subjects and materials available at the South Carolina Political Collections, even within collections from as far back as eighty years ago.


Allard Henry Gasque
Sixth District Congressman

The three collections I chose to work with were those of Allard Henry Gasque, Butler Black Hare, and Thomas and Clara McMillan, all working before and throughout the Great Depression. The exhibit includes materials relating to agriculture and agricultural assistance and Philippine independence as well as photographs and biographical articles.

You can stop by and see the exhibit in the Hollings Library on weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm. It will be just outside the entrance to the South Carolina Political Collections gallery.

Contributed by graduate student assistant Clara Bertagnolli

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