Personal Letters added to the Nick Zeigler Collection

Earlier this summer, Anne Zeigler added thirty-four letters to the collection of her husband, Nick Zeigler.  Almost all of these were letters written to Anne by Nick between 1950 and 1959.  This addition helped fill a gap in the record.  The charming notes share news of family, friends, and the wide variety of interests which they shared.  Following are three examples taken from the new material: 

It was a very interesting week of cases. The two best- one patrolman accused of embezzlement who was acquitted and, of course, the Atkins case. He got 14 yrs for manslaughter.  Had I been on the jury I think I would been inclined to send him packing to the electric chair.  I firmly believe he meant to kill his wife and sat there with a shot gun and killed her while she was fixing his supper.   June 25, 1951

Tomorrow I am making a speech on Southeastern Archaeology to the Lions Club.  Sort of hate to get into that subject because it is one which does not seem to hold an audience too well, but hope I can get some humour (corney or otherwise) into it.    June 22, 1952

the Zeiglers

Nick and Anne Zeigler

I would have telephoned to you of my sudden elevation to local fame had it not been for the fact that I have put myself so clearly on record as viewing such honors as meaningless.  I was flattered, of course, but having people say good things about me to my face always makes me feel uncomfortable.  I think I am really much happier when everyone is critical of me and what I am doing.    February 1, 1953

Contributed by Herb Hartsook

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