Expanded Democratic Party of South Carolina Records

We are happy to announce that the reprocessing of the original 43 linear foot Democratic Party of South Carolina Records and the interfiling of a 44 linear foot addition are now complete!  The interfiling of the addition has doubled the size of the collection, bringing it to 85 l.f. and giving it an inclusive date range of 1924-2008.  Click here to access the updated finding aid.

The original, 43 l.f. accession of DPSC materials documents the party’s response to the major political and social changes that affected South Carolina during the latter half of the 20th century, such as the civil rights movement and the rise of the Republican Party in the state.  The party’s activities during the 1970s are especially well-documented.  With the donation of the 44 l.f. addition, which consists largely of materials created between the mid-1990s and 2008, researchers now have access to a wealth of records documenting the party’s recent work to elect Democratic candidates to public office, organize and govern itself through conventions and committees, and engage in activities to build and consolidate support for the people and policies it represents.

Contributed by Laura Litwer

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