Events honoring John Bolt Culbertson and John Carl West

SCPC is lucky to have the collections of John Bolt Culbertson and former governor John Carl West.  We invite you to visit the Hollings Library and dig through their papers to learn about them.  But now, you may also watch video of Hollings Library programs that centered on them.

In August 2012, SCPC Assistant Director Dorothy Walker and History Professor Emeritus Dr. Thomas Terrill spoke of Mr. Culbertson and his legacy on the occasion of the opening of the Culbertson Papers at SCPC.  Culbertson was a lawyer and activist in the Upstate representing unions, the working class, disabled veterans, African-Americans, and others during the mid-20th century.  From Culbertson’s finding aid page: “His outspokenness and his political leanings, atypical for South Carolina at that time, resulted in financial setbacks, insults, and even crosses burned on his lawn, but Culbertson was largely undaunted.”  Compelling, right?  Check out the video!

At a book signing reception in June of last year, journalist and author Philip G. Grose spoke of his recent publication, Looking for Utopia: The Life and Times of John C. West.
West served South Carolinians in political roles for twenty years, culminating in his most prestigious role as Governor West.  He was later U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia under President Jimmy Carter.  Hear what Mr. Grose had to say about this remarkable man.

It’s especially poignant for us to host his remarks, as Mr. Grose passed away early this year.   SCPC staff had worked with him for a number of years as he researched the lives of West and Bob McNair (South Carolina at the Brink: Robert McNair and the Politics of Civil Rights, 2006).

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