Farewell Virginia and Katharine

Virginia and Katharine

L-R, Virginia and Katharine

Virginia Blake (MLIS, 2011) and Katharine Klein (MA-Public History, 2012) recently had their last days at SCPC. They are off to start their careers and of course, we wish them the best of luck! Virginia worked for us for three years, as a graduate assistant and, for the last year, as our staff assistant. She is the new City Archivist of Savannah. (Savannah is lucky!!) Katharine was with us for two years and graduated last month. She is in the midst of her job hunt and we all hope it goes quickly. She definitely deserves it! Watch out museums world.

Katharine and Virginia helped SCPC run smoothly during their tenures here. They helped us advertise for programs, worked at events, pitched in when new materials arrived, wrote research guides, edited catalog entries, and basically did whatever we needed…. We knew we could count on them.

Katharine and Virginia at their desks

L-R, Katharine and Virginia at their desks

In addition, Virginia worked on the collections of Grady Patterson, Bud Ferillo, Mary Kelly, Edward Hull, Candy Waites, Alex Harvin, Nick Theodore, the League of Women Voters, Joe Wilson, and John Spratt. Whew, she was busy! It is particularly bittersweet to say goodbye to her since she is our last student assistant to ever work at our old building, the Pearle Warehouse. Our students who have come along since then don’t have a clue what they missed! At Pearle, Virginia helped me organize and inventory scrapbooks, oversized materials, and lots of other items during our year-long preparation to move into the Hollings Library in 2010.

Katharine also stayed busy during her two years here. In fact, she worked so efficiently sometimes, we wouldn’t have minded if she slowed down! (just kidding) She worked on the collections of Floyd Spence, Joe Wilson, John Spratt, Alex Harvin, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, the League of Women Voters, Nancy Moore, and Kate Salley Palmer. She also contributed to our exhibits program. She brainstormed and drew up ideas to make the galleries more interactive. She created the Life in the Mansion online exhibit and curated A Women’s Work for the lobby of Thomas Cooper Library. She also helped me with the design work for our recent South Carolina’s Mad “Men” exhibit. She undoubtedly did even more that I’m forgetting to mention.

We will miss them but know they are going to have successful careers! We love our students! (can you tell?)

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