Day of celebrations

It was a memorable day here at SCPC.

Herb was excited about it being Opening Day of MLB (he wasn’t the only one) and the first day of the Masters. One of our students found out she got a summer internship. Another student defended her thesis yesterday and can now look forward to graduation with a little more ease. Yup, smiles all around.

Meanwhile, we held a celebration for Graduate Assistants Week with some cupcakes and yummy tea. We gave Laura, Katharine & Caitlin certificates of appreciation (suitable for framing!). We gave Virginia one, too. She’s been a staff member for almost a year but she was an awesome grad student before that. We are so very lucky to have these hard-working and smart students. SCPC wouldn’t run without them. They each have a sense of humor, too, which comes in handy in this job…and in life, don’t ya think?

At our celebration, we also redeemed Easter eggs for prizes.

After the hunt — with our eggs!

And we’re off. The hunt begins.

Say what?

Herb’s wife, Melinda, thought we might like to have an Easter egg hunt, and so we did! Herb came in early this morning and hid 24 plastic eggs (w/ candy inside) around our processing room. Dorothy, Kate & I, plus the aforementioned student honorees, set out to hunt them down.

We found them everywhere–high and low–in our shredded paper box, under the typewriter cover, under a stuffed eagle’s claw, inside a trophy, behind a cartoon, hanging out with some frames…. Seven of the eggs were numbered. If you found two numbered ones, you had to put one back. Thus, everyone got a prize!

When we traded them in, we unwrapped  all sorts of different things. I got 75 butterfly tattoos. Katharine got a cool, colorful fan (it was nifty). Dorothy got a bouquet of lollipops (or something similar). Candy all around, of course. You get the point.

All in all, a fabulous time. Isn’t our boss cool?

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