Catesby’s Page Turning

I have the distinct pleasure of being the first official page turner of Rare Book’s first edition of Mark Catesby’s Natural History of the Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands.  I was overjoyed when asked to meet Elizabeth Sudduth and the rest of the RBSC staff at 11 a.m. in the Brittain Gallery of the Hollings Special Collections Library to participate in a special event.

Little did I know, I would become a part of history.  I am exaggerating of course but it is nice to know that I was the first student to actively turn the pages of such a rare book.  The set, known as the Gibbes-Robinson Catesby was donated in 2009 by Mrs. Susan Gibbes Robinson, who recently passed away. It is on display from April 1-11.

At 11 a.m. each weekday, from April 2nd-April 11th, the pages will be turned in each volume to celebrate Mrs. Robinson’s gift and honor her instructions to do so when we exhibit the books. Come by at 11 each day to see the page turning or stop in any time to view the volumes.

-Contributed by Katharine Klein

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