What do you spy in our workroom?

Tour groups walk through our main workroom on a weekly basis. We tell the visitors the basics of SCPC (we have 100 collections from congressman, governors…20th century…etc. and so on) and then, if we have time, we show them a few fun objects on display in our workroom. Or, they point them out first. Below are objects that belong to collections and aren’t on display in our gallery, but we like them too much to store them on a shelf in our stacks. So, we display them in our workroom and I present them here for your enjoyment.

This gavel commemorates John West’s service presiding over the SC Senate, as part of his duties as Lt. Governor. We have a wide range of gavels in our collections but this is the granddaddy of them all! Dorothy is its keeper. Lesson? Don’t cross Dorothy! (kidding, she’s sweet)
This cow is a beloved stuffed friend of SCPC. The Inez Tenenbaum campaign for U.S. Senate in 2004 used it for motivation. It sat in their campaign office and whenever a set amount of $ was raised, the office would set it off. The cow would dance up and down, gleefully yelling “Moo! Moo!” to the delight of all.

We used to set it off for visitors regularly. Sadly, the cow lost some battery power recently and my surgery to repair it was unsuccessful. One day, hopefully, the cow will reign again with “moo” power.


People often see this framed collection of memorabilia from John Drummond’s WWII service and their eyes get a little wide, thanks to “Raid Hot Mama.” Hey, we want to tell them, this was normal for that period!! We think (we hope?) they already know that but Raid Hot Mama still draws many wide-eyed looks.

Mrs. Edwards carried this purse around during her husband’s gubernatorial campaign in 1974. I think it’s cute. Herb had this to say about the purse, “I had to talk her into [donating] it, telling her how much I valued it as a memento of her activity during that campaign.  It is one of my favorite pieces of ephemera and I show it to every lady who tours SCPC.”



This poster was created for a college campus fundraiser during Bob Inglis’ campaign for re-election to Congress in 2008. To accompany it, Inglis & crew created a video  “Get Down with Bob” (please watch; you won’t be sorry). To say that we, the staff of SCPC, love the poster and video isn’t expressing our affection enough.

In the video, Inglis tries out some disco moves in a dance studio in full costume–wig included–while his staff helpfully supplies the narrative.  For example: “Bob doesn’t have two left feet–He’s a Republican. Bob has two right feet.” (insert groan here) “He’s known as a hustler…I mean, he can do the hustle.”


This Wheaties box might be the #1 thing people point out on tours in our workroom. The color, undoubtedly, has something to do with it. Fritz Hollings received this Wheaties box from the Science Coalition in 2001 for being a “Champion of Science.” Hollings was involved in funding countless scientific efforts through his committee assignments as a U.S. Senator.



This is an amazing framed photo from the Mark Sanford collection. It captures the authentic smiles and cheer around the signing of Boeing legislation in 2009. My photo of this frame doesn’t do it justice as I couldn’t control for the light hitting it (even with the lights off–we have too much natural light around here!!) and I didn’t want to take it off the wall. But I hope you get an idea of why we like this photo so much.

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