SCPC Research Guide: The Cold War (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: Our student assistants have been working on compiling lists of collections with material pertaining to various historical research topics. This guide was completed in summer 2011 by Nataly Garzon. Please visit our Research Guides page for other topics.

This guide is not an exhaustive list of every Cold War-related document in our collections. It spotlights specific material you may find useful and shows you what types of documents you can expect to find. Names in italics are collection names. Please see our Collections and Finding Aids page for more information on these collections. See Part 1.

Cold War Research Guide, Part 2

Arms Race

Fritz Hollings, Box 110
* Memorandum on Anti-Ballistic Missile
*Constituent letters concerning ABM Defense System, 1969

Hollings, Box 204
* Report on International Security and Arms Export Act of 1975
* CRS Brief, “Soviet Defense Expeditions and the U.S. Defense Debate”

Hollings, Box 223
* Statement by Senators Nunn and Bartlett, “NATO’s Conventional Deficiencies Invite Soviet Attack”
* Constituent letters

Hollings, Box 291, Reports from the Foreign Affairs Research Institute on space battle
stations and revising the ABM Treaty

Communism Scare

Olin D. Johnston, Box 41
* Constituent letters concerning McCarthy, 1954-1958
* McCarthyism Propaganda

Johnston, Box 117, Numerous briefs on outlawing the Communist Party; the U.S. Communist Party; Communist problems in Latin America; HUAC hearings; and Communists in the labor movement, education, churches; etc., 1940s-1950s

Robert Ashmore, Box 2
* Constituent letters concerning Ashmore’s claim that Communism was infiltrating the American way of life and Ashmore’s attack on protestant minister’s and educators, 1958
* Variety of anti-communist propaganda distributed within the United States in the 1950s
* 1951 House Report on the spread of Communism in the American way of life

Joseph Bryson, Box 2
* House Un-American Activities Committee, summary of activities in 1949
* Bryson bill, H.R. 3290: A bill to outlaw the Communist Party in America
* Bryson speech, “Communist Threat to American Way of Life”
* Second attempt to outlaw Communist Party, H.R. 1037, 1952

 European Aid

Olin D. Johnston, Box 11, Papers related to Congressional trip to Europe in 1947

Johnston, Box 14
* Constituent letters on the Emergency Relief Program for Europe and adoption of the Marshall Plan, 1948
* Briefs from House Committee on Foreign Aid, 1948, including East European economy in relation to the European Recovery Program, inflation and financing a foreign aid program, transportation and its effects on the European Recovery Program, etc.

Johnston, Box 18
* Report: “Knowledge of the Marshall Plan in Europe: France” 1949
* Briefs on topics including aid to non-Communist China, Chinese Communist Movement, trade with China, devaluation and European recovery, and the North Atlantic Treaty
* Testimony re. the North Atlantic Pact to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1949
* Constituent letters, 1949

Joseph Bryson, Box 2, Bryson speech in response to Berlin Airlift


Fritz Hollings, Box 135
* Constituent letters re. Mansfield Amendment (ceiling of 150,000 personnel in W Europe
* Hollings speech in favor of Mansfield Amendment
* Report by Department of Defense on the status of the U.S.-European commitment

Hollings, Box 261
* Speech by Senator Henry Jackson on SALT at the North Atlantic Assembly
* North Atlantic Assembly, minutes of Military Committee and other committees, 1979-80
* Report by Committee on Foreign Relations, “SALT and the NATO Allies,” Oct. 1979

Hollings, Box 272, five folders of constituent letters about NATO and SALT II, 1979-80

Hollings, Box 291
* Report by Senator Sam Nunn to Committee on Armed Services, May 1982
* Briefs on NATO’s industrial mobilization capability and the U.S.’s defense industrial base and structural disarmament of the West, 1981

Hollings, Box 330
* Constituent letters, 1984
* Hollings Speech, 1983

Nuclear Disarmament and SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)

Olin D. Johnston, Box 88, Five folders of constituent letters re. Nuclear Test Ban Agreement, 1963

Butler Derrick, Box 13, Constituent correspondence to presence of SALT II on the floor of the Senate

Fritz Hollings, Box 101
* Committee on Foreign Relations reports supporting ratification of Non-Proliferation Treaty
* White House submission of Treaty, includes letters from Johnson and Secretary Rusk
* Remarks of President upon signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty in the East Room

Hollings, Box 122
* Constituent letters re. Non-Proliferation Treaty that Hollings voted against, 1969
* Committee on Foreign Relations report, “The Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons”
* Hollings Speech on Non-Proliferation Treaty
* Report on SALT with a timeline of negotiations from 1964 to 1970

Hollings, Box 149
* Hollings floor statement against signing SALT; believed it would lead to Soviet military superiority, 1972; several more floor speeches/statements opposing the interim agreement
* Hollings floor speech on his bill, S. J. Res. 241, “A joint resolution authorizing the President to approve an interim agreement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R”
* Constituent correspondence concerning SALT
* White House fact sheet on SALT and report on the U.S. Arms Control Agency

Hollings, Box 175
* Agreement between the USSR and the U.S. of America on the Prevention of Nuclear War
* Comprehensive Test ban Treaty: June 13, 1972
* Briefs on test ban campaign timeline, U.S. security issues in European border control, etc.
* Constituent letters concerning SALT, 1973-74
* Speech by Strom Thurmond on SALT and Defense, Dec. 16, 1974
* SALT Issue Brief
* Federation of American Scientists comment on SALT Agreement
* White House Press Secretary, Joint U.S.-Soviet Statement, Nov. 24, 1974

Hollings, Box 261
* Statement by Hollings on SALT II and the Budget Resolution Amendment, Aug. 3, 1979
* Hollings proposal, “Increase in U.S. Defense Budget by 3%,” and Carter letter in response
* Transcript of interview with Churchill on SALT II, Sept. 1, 1979
* Speeches on SALT II by Senator Sam Nunn, House of Lords member Chalfone, Colonel Marc Genest, Air Vice Marshal Steward of Great Britain, and General J.A. Graf Kielmansegg of West Germany

Hollings, Box 274
* Seven folders of constituent letters concerning SALT II
* Senate floor speech by Hollings opposing SALT II

Hollings, Box 291, Constituent letters concerning disarmament, 1981-82

Hollings, Box 330
* Nine folders of constituent letters concerning disarmament
* Hollings Speech, “Nuclear Arms”
* Briefs, “Soviet Treaty Violations of SALT II, the ABM Treaty and the Helsinki Accords” and “Soviet Charges of American Arms Control violations and American Charges of Soviet Arms Control Violations,” 1983-84

Hollings, Box 331
* Constituent letters concerning SALT II, 1983-84
* Briefs concerning USSR noncompliance, 1983-84
* Department of State Briefs concerning SALT II, 1978-79
* Press conference transcript, Director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1978

Hollings, Box 373
* Briefs on how SALT took shape, interpreting the ABM Treaty, conventional arms control in Europe, etc., 1988
* Hearing Transcript, Committee on Foreign Relations and Committee on the Judiciary: “Senate Consideration of the ABM Treaty in 1972 and Constitutional Consideration”

Hollings, Box 374
* Hollings letter and drafts to President asking him to stay in line with the ABM Treaty, Mar. 17, 1987
* Speeches on ABM and INF, including Hollings on Senate floor, 1987-88
* Minutes from meetings re. negotiating SALT Treaty, including Ambassador Smith and Minister Semenor, Dec 20, 1971; and USSR Diplomat Mr. Grinevsky and Dr. Raymond Garthoffm, Jan.-Feb. 1972
* Statements from Paul Nitze, Senator Sam Nun, and William Harns, 1987
* Meet the Press transcript with Ambassador Max Kampelman and Senator Dale Bumpers.
* Briefs from the State Department on ABM Treaty language, future arms systems, etc.
* INF Treaty brief, report from Senator Thurmond on discussion of INF issues with NATO commanders, related photographs and Site Maps


Fritz Hollings, Box 175, Constituent letters concerning Kissinger Appointment to Secretary of State, 1973

Hollings, Box 204
* Constituent letters concerning “Détente” and Henry Kissinger, 1976
* Speeches from 1975: “The Global Challenge and International Cooperation,” “The Moral Foundations of Foreign Policy,” and “The Global Consensus and Economic Development”
* Speeches from 1976: “Permanent Challenge of Peace: U.S. Policy Toward the Soviet Union” and “The Challenges of Africa”

US-USSR Relations

Butler Derrick, Box 17, Constituent letters about U.S. boycott of 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow as result of Afghanistan invasion

Fritz Hollings, Box 101, Consular Treaty 1967
* Constituent Response
* White House submission of Treaty with letters by Johnson and W. Averill Harriman
* Speech by Secretary of State Rusk
* Report on hearing before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Hollings, Box 148, Nixon Doctrine — Report by Nixon to Congress Feb 25, 1971: “U.S. Foreign Policy for the 1970s: Building for Peace” that lays out how to secure national and world interests

Hollings, Boxes 274-276
* Constituent letters on U.S.-USSR relations in general, 1979-80
* Documents related to the Grain Embargo and SALT II, including briefs concerning the Soviet Economy and Brezhnev warnings about European Missile Plans
* 1980 Olympic Games Study, “Public Attitudes Towards the 1980 Summer Olympics”

Hollings, Box 353
* Constituent letters on U.S.-USSR relations and Soviet downing of Korean 747 Airliner, 1983-84
* Speech by Hollings in response to President’s Speech on Korean 747 Airliner

Hollings, Box 353, Constituent letters, 1985

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