Public Figures/Private Lives: A Valentine’s Exhibit

Please visit the SCPC Gallery in the Hollings Library before the end of April to see Public Figures/Private Lives: A Valentine’s Exhibit.  Across four cases, you’ll find letters, photos and other mementos from six couples that offer a personal glimpse into the lives of South Carolina political figures whose collections are held by USC.

On display are:

valentine exhibit sign and first exhibit case

Sign for the exhibit and a glimpse at the first case--look closely and you'll see Fritz and Peatsy Hollings

**romantic letters between former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Senator Olin D. Johnston and Gladys that chronicle the couple’s courtship and early years of marriage in the 1920s

**a series of sweet and playful letters between politician and journalist Bill Workman, Jr., and Rhea “Tommy” Thomas during their courtship and then early years of marriage while he was off serving in Europe, North Africa, and the Pacific in World War II

**photos of former U.S. Senator Fritz Hollings and his wife of forty years, Peatsy

**the story of how longtime state legislator Alex Harvin proposed to his wife and a sweet note written to her during an all-night legislative session in 1981

**letters and a photo from the courtship of U.S. Reps Thomas and Clara McMillan in 1915 and 1916, our oldest set of personal, romantic letters

**and more…

first case in the exhibit

the 1st case with the stories of Fritz and Peatsy Hollings and Bob and Isabelle Hemphill

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