Announcing National Cheese Day celebration, Jan. 27, 2012

SCPC is thrilled to announce that the 9th annual celebration of National Cheese Day will take place on Friday, Jan. 27th, from noon – 1:30 in the Hollings Library.

Library Faculty, Staff, and Students are invited to join us. We always have visitors for this event and love welcoming new-comers. Participants are asked to contribute a food that contains a cheese element but this isn’t required! We always have plenty. The celebration will include lunch, of course, but also the “The Big Cheese” game, cheese trivia, an exhibit of cheese and dairy-related items in our collections, and general merriment. You may drop in for as little or as long as you like.

If you think you might come, please let Lori Schwartz know (schwartl) so we can have enough seating, plates, etc.

National Cheese Day banner

Banner created in 2004; we try to add something to it every year

In past years, we’ve had almost every cheese dish imaginable, like cheese grits, mac & cheese, salad with cheese, exotic cheese and crackers, cheese soup, lasagna, pizza, and fondue (I’m leaving off about 100 things). Our boss, Herb, is always looking for an elusive “cheese drink” contribution, so if you can pull that off he’ll be your friend for life. If you want to know the dishes already on our food sign-up sheet or want help brain-storming ideas, contact Lori.

The aforementioned “The Big Cheese” is a bocce-like game created by a former student especially for us. It’s an easy game to learn. If you have a talent for bowling, bocce, or you can throw things, this is the game for you.

Merriment from earlier Cheese Days, including pics of us playing “The Big Cheese” if you can’t quite picture it: 2009, 2010

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