Let your voice be heard!

All are invited to attend a public forum presented by SCPC next Thursday, Nov. 10, at 6:30pm in the Hollings Library. Pizza and drink will be provided.

“A Nation in Debt: A Public Forum to Consider the Federal Budget” is the first in a series of public discussions being hosted by SCPC. Herb Hartsook will lead the discussion of which tradeoffs the public is willing to accept and how far the public wants its elected officials to go in addressing this issue. These forums are meant to be ‘a welcome antidote to polarized political talk.’ Participants will receive a 12-page handbook prior to the forum if they RSVP in time. Otherwise, they will receive a summary sheet at the door.

If you would like to attend, RSVP to 777-0578. If you represent a group that would like to participate, contact Herb Hartsook at 777-0577 or herb@sc.edu.

We are hosting these forums in partnership with the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress, The Kettering Foundation, and National Issues Forums Institute.

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