SCAA 2011 Annual Meeting

The South Carolina Archival Association met at the Hollings Library last Thurs., Oct. 6, for their annual fall meeting. SCAA has met for years at the State Archives so we were happy to welcome them to the USC campus for the 1st time. This allowed some to see the Hollings Library for the first time and drove up the number of graduate library students in attendance!  SCPCers were active at the meeting in ways both large and small.

Herb was one of two speakers at the Resumes and Interviews session in the AM. Herb enjoys prepping people for interviews and offering advice about employment and so this gave him another opportunity to pass on some wisdom!

Dorothy spoke and had other duties as the incoming President (yay Dorothy!) for 2012. She also handled Hollings Library-related arrangements for the meeting.

Laura, one of our graduate assistants, sold raffle tickets for an Archival Students Guild fundraiser. (I am an ASG co-founder so seeing this group alive and active makes me happy.)

Kate and Virginia were in attendance and helped set things up and clean up afterwards.

I was honored to receive a Program Innovation Award for my work creating “Fritz Hollings: In His Own Words” in 2008. Herb was so kind as to nominate me.

I’m probably leaving out some of the duties performed by SCPCers but it’s safe to say, we enjoy giving back to the archival community of this state!

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