Dorn Papers better than ever

three images of dorn speakingWilliam Jennings Bryan Dorn is a giant in South Carolina’s political history. He served in Congress for close to thirty years (1947-74, with a break in 1949-50), was a leader in the state’s Democratic Party, and was a dynamic speaker much like William Jennings Bryan, whom Dorn’s parents had greatly admired. (Bryan was Secretary of State, a Congressman, and three-time presidential candidate. Go look him up if you don’t know about him!)

Recently, I finished adding 12 feet of material to the William Jennings Bryan Dorn Papers. A taste of what was added:

  • A lot of campaign documents that flesh out Dorn’s involvement with the Democratic Party of SC in the late 1970s and early 1980s once he had left Congress. He was Chairman in the early 1980s when the Democratic Party was struggling to stay viable, solvent, and relevant in the face of the Republican Party’s emergence in state party politics.
  • Photographs, particularly of his Army service and family members.
  • Documents that illuminates Dorn’s legislative work, particularly relating to foreign affairs/Communism and public works projects like Trotters Shoals.
  • Speeches and outlines for speeches from across his career and personal life. I’ve also posted an item-level listing of every single speech, press release, and newsletter in the collection.

While I added all this new material, I also switched up the order some and added some more descriptive folder titles, all to make this collection more user-friendly. Hopefully, you, yes you, will take advantage!

Please check out his finding aid or call or visit our Reading Room if you’d like to know more.

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